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Travis county Green Party Alan Pogue THIS ISSUE 1 DEPARTMENTS FEATURE BOOKS AND THE CULTURE Dialogue The Gray and the White by Nate Blakeslee 10 Of Elders & Children 29 Editorials The murder of correctional officer Danny Nagle opens a window Poetry by Cele S. Keeper Green Votes & Moderate to a Texas prison culture of intimidation, fear, and corruption. & Leigh Herrick Behavior by Louis Dubose SXSW Movie History 30 Left Field 6 Las Americas 16 Dateline D.C. 22 Film review by Michael King Poverty on the Block Granny D Arrives Becoming Historical 33 Tejano Kikker by Gabriela Bocagrande by Jeff Mandell Book Review by Char Miller Molly Ivins 8 Texas Bulletin Board 19 On the Left 24 Circle of Light 35 Remembering a “Do-Gooder” A Gathering of Legals Book Review by Pat LittleDog Jim Hightower 9 Political Intelligence 20 by David Richards Afterword 37 The People’s Lawyers Corrupted, Deutch Uber Alles & Corporate Prison Journal by Philip Brasfield Baditudes Cover Art by Michael Krone EDITORIAL Recycling Nader’s Green Votes “’11 tell you why a lot of people are going to vote for Nader,” said David Cobb. “They know that if they vote for Gore, they throw away their votes.” Cobb is a disaffected progressive Democrat who practices law in Houston. He is also the treasurer for the Texas Green Party, and he leans into an interview with an intensity that suggests he himself will deliver 5 percent of the popular vote the Greens are aiming for in November. Cobb argues that a vote for Gore in the general election in Texas is a wasted vote. He believes that a substantial number of progressive Democrats will split off at the top of the ticket and vote for Ralph Nader, who is running as a Green candidate for the presidency. There is a certain logic to the argument. Gore has little chance of carrying Texas. The national Democratic Party, as John Sharp has observed in the past \(“The money in Texas twenty years ago, when George Bush the Elder was Ronald Reagan’s running mate. As Cobb sees it, progressive Democrats are better off voting for Nader, for several reasons. It will send a message to the Democratic Party that there are voters who want universal health care, public financing of election campaigns, and an end to corporate “personhood.” \(Corporate personhood is based on a Supreme Court decision and subsequent case law that gives corporations the legal rights of MARCH 31, 2000 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3