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WHAT DEARZA DIDN’T TELL THE COUNCIL WAS THAT HIS MAN PARRISH HAD BEEN PULLED OVER ON THE WAY TO HOUSTON WITH SOME CONTRABAND OF HIS OWN. THE DEPUTY CALLED THE HAYS COUNTY COPS, WHO DROVE FIFTY MILES TO PICK UP THE DOPE AND \(GET PAR-RISH OUT OF A JAM. \(NEVER MIND THAT THE COPS DIDN’T OBSERVE THIS BUY, AND THAT PARRISH WAS SUPPOSED TO IMMEDIATELY , V tN JANUARY, TASK FORCE COMMANDER REGIS DEARZA APPEARED BEFORE THE SAN MARCOS CITY COUNCIL TO EXPLAIN THE FINER POINTS OF RETAINING A RELIABLE INFORMANT. TaRs in many cases… we’re dealing with a person of questionable background. PARRISH CLAIMED THE POT WAS FROM A CONTROLLED BUY, PART OF THE OPERA-TION THAT SET WIMPLE UP, AND THAT THE DEALER HAD SCRAPED TOGETHER EVERYTHING HE COULD FIND. …plus some roaches he had lying around and this roach clip? these rolling Papers? yup [email protected] LEFT FIELD TRUE TALES The chickens are coming home to roost in the Hays County drug war at least those chickens that are not too whacked-out to fly. In “Zero reported on the shooting of Rusty Windle by Hays County Narcotics Task Force officers attempting to serve him arrest warrants for delivery of about an ounce of marijuana. Windle had been set up by a “confidential informant” the Houston area. As Hays County parents and taxpayers have recently discovered, Parrish for local youth at his resort cabin in Wimberly all courtesy of his employer, the Hays County Narcotics Task Force. It gets worse: police records recently obtained by the Observer reveal that Parrish ran into a little legal trouble of his own back in April, during the time he was setting up his new friends on behalf of the Hays County cops. It took his Hays County employer to keep him out of real trouble. At right, Jesse Reklaw illustrates another lowlight in the saga of a snitch and his employer. + Mending Horses and Breaking Hearts Does your quarter horse seem “barn sour?” Does the trigger action on your Glock .40-caliber get sticky? Have a slipped disc in your back, or a SECOND /NNW N DivG NT daughter who spends too much time on hers? Tune in to the newest voice on Texas talk radio: Lampasas State Representative Suzanna Hupp. Every weeknight at 8:00, the Legislature’s most eclectic conservative iconette offers Central Texas listeners \(ac”voice of experience of a State Legislator, mother, horse breeder, Doctor of Chiropractic, and firearms enthusiast.” Known statewide for her fiercely progun legislative agenda, Hupp’s on-air persona when the topic is not the Second Amendment is surprisingly chummy and informal. Hupp’s show is in the tradition of the nationally syndicated Dr. Laura Schlesinger show where grateful callers are regularly and harshly chastised for their cupidity and moral turpitude. What Dr. Laura lacks is Hupp’s unique Central Texas flair. Call it horse sense. \(If listening to Dr. Laura is like watching buttoned-down British N HESTON R PRESIDENT line up to be spanked, then listening to Dr. Hupp is like being stuck in a school cafeteria during a On her special Valentine’s Day broadcast, the theme was sex and marriage. Hupp had in hand a University of Michigan study that found a correlation between and early divorce. “If you’re gonna make it,” Hupp concluded, “you gotta get married before you cohabitate.” Most of her callers turned out to be dedicated fans, with the exception of one man who had been divorced three times and was cohabiting again. “Do yourself a favor, man, oddswise,” Hupp told him. “Go get in front of a preacher and make it real.” Another caller tentatively suggested that although he himself had never cohabitated, his sister had done well to live with a mu businessmen See “Mending Horses,” page 5 MARCH 3, 2000 4 THE TEXAS OBSERVER