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I’d like to share some wisdom with you. i think baby boomer parents ought to say, i’ve learned from mistakes i may or may not have made.’ i think we owe the chicken that responsibility to share our wisdom. ds in texas need to know: if you cent do the time, don’t do the crime: The Texas Observer, September 3, 1999 N\\.> V4′,A Oi s i#x 0 14 4 14 i: e ti 1. A s 4 :A04 0 Ti 4, A I’m not s,Msy i S’totitifss cof;one But 0 did, it was me t wan: ntv a “youttskii indiscreti5Vodfff crInVIAO, t rou using coke ; don’ to Mar am; of that “ipi to0gh xithrtul tfsiowing yaur tracif-xfitctitd ass pi 9,7n Riess not hypociisi , ltf$N Pa tk4 lot coke? \\!, =gulf VON OM,,………. ;agoggesim m I ‘,..;z:0 ,., –11.10T1711 THE BACK PAGE Great Minds Think Alike Mad, January 2000 Mad magazine included the cocaine question in its “Top Twenty” news stories of the year, but remember, you read it here first. And note that Mad’s coverage is a bit more literal, compared to the Observer’s more discreet treatment of the issue and that, believe it or not, the quote we used is an actual GWB quote on the subject of drug use. For more Observing, visit the Texas Observer website at