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Back Forward Home Search Netscape Security Stop Location http :/ hePePri .VS .orn/”rnaxfury / ry \(rdi What ‘s Related I Who WOI. I? Well,, that seems to be a question many of us ttsk ourselves now and then while looking in a mirror. Have you figured it out for yourself Wit?’ Whoa U. Who is THAT guy 77?? The Fury in Frio From a respectable distance, it looks like conventional countrified economic development. The Frio county commissioners applied for a matching grant to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and were awarded $500,000 to build what they’re calling the Camino Real Regional Park, on a 160-acre site off If1-35 in Pearsall. The plans call for a pavilion, a playground, a pond with fishing pier, a nature trail, an R.V. campground and an eighteenhole golf course. Seems unremarkable enough. But the commissioners apparently weren’t counting on The Implacable Vigilance of Max Fury. They may learn to regret it. Max Fury is the web handle and alter ego of Pat Shanley, a Pearsall woodworker, musician, actor, and occasional local activist, who has declared war on the most visible aspect of the would-be Camino Real: the golf course. As his web page \( max says he does not oppose either development or parks, but argues that the golf course is an unnecessary public works boondoggle that was rushed through commissioners court without serious public notice or discussion, and which will be useless to most Frio County citizens. \(“Probably only four people own golf clubs here,” he told Left Field, “and no one else can afford points out that in a time of diminishing state supplies, the Camino South Golf Course would use an inordinate amount of water \(“the same annual amount of a city nance will require persistent application of herbicides and pesticides, “four to seven times the amount per acre used in regular agriculture,” increasing the danger to the local water supply, dependent on the aquifer that runs below the park. The county insists it will use recycled wastewater on the golf course, but Shanley is dubious: “We get our water from an aquifer, our only source of drinking water, the Carrizo …. The signs at the city limits which used to say, ‘This public drinking water supply certified by the State of Texas’ have been taken down long ago, which should tell you something. Dilley, which is sixteen miles south of us, has found E-coli in their public drinking supply. We’re trying to save what’s left, even if it’s brown, green, or blue one day to the next, which it is.” Shanley says he believes the open land is also home to the Texas Horned Toad, a threatened species and that the T.P.W.D. is supposed to protect endangered species, not subsidize the destruction of their habitat. County Judge Carlos Garcia has dismissed the golf course opponents as “playing scientist” and insisted that the development will “bring jobs.” He vows not to listen to what he calls “negative B.S.” But it seems certain that the commissioners have not heard the end of Max Fury and his friends. Shanley who signs his e-mail from “Deep in the Heart of Graft” says that a few years ago Frio citizens stopped a similar commissioners court plan to welcome a San Antonio landfill, so in keeping with tradition he is running homemade but eloquent ads in the local paper, spreading information about the relationship between golf courses and “toxic fiascos,” distributing petitions, and recruiting whoever will listen, from Pearsall to Austin. If he can find a sympathetic lawyer, he’s considering a class action lawsuit, and he’s also contemplating running for county commissioner. “I could do just as well as these guys,” he told Left Field. If nothing else, his Max Fury wardrobe should definitely improve the fashion tone of the public sessions. + Netscape:The Internet:Fun, Learning, and Links on the WWW STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION. subscription price of $32. Publisher, The Texas Democracy Foundation; Editors, Louis Dubose and Michael King; Assistant Editor, Mimi Bardagjy. Owner: The Texas Democracy Foundation, 307 Mailed Through USPS: avg. 13, actual 0. Requested Circulation: avg. 91%, actual 92%. Signed: Ayelet Hines. Business Manager, 9/29/99. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7 OCTOBER 15, 1999