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An d American Income Life Insurance Company BERNARD RAPOPORT Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Rapoport ip to Is the end of the four hours, time to go to school. Here, I As we were touring in an area had a prejudice, a closed mind and icls, our guide said, “I want that mind a chance to open a little jt ry. You are going to see the same reservations about c have great aspirations.” I stand that ideal conditions She said, “nine, ten, and There are situations which req y neck bristled, be ance, and a recognition that posed to what we now absolutely right, but the altern ited States: child labor. I ex working conditions were not te rn ~tr as`something she wanted a requirement!. my prejudice. Pia et saga On the same tri , `I was listenin. hat in order to communicate and heard an interview between the write or permission to enter their and Simon Wiesenthal, the unrelenting r permission to enter my VViesenthal was asked, “Is it possible that persec , eriences on a recent a id, Remember, we are a Third World ttt rupt thought was, “So what? We are refl. ly added, “We are a very poor country. We m ake accommodations that countries like yours .wealthy do not have to consider. We let these ren work four hours a day and they go to school our hours. They are able to get some education and concomitantly can help their families by contributing in and learning a trade that will hold them in good stead as they grow older,” We went into the factory. These children were happy, excited, and proud of what they were doing. They let us take pictures. They were anxious because it was nearing will ever cease’?” He responded, “There is always this illusion that one side only has the truth, and there is no place for the other. So persecution becomes an impor tant component of some people’s existence.” To the question, “Would it always be like this?” he responded, “I hope for my children, that they will have another life that they will live in another world.” After my personal experience in Egypt, and hearing the interview with Wiesenthal, I have come to believe more than ever before that there can be no good life for an individual unless his mind is open to understanding. The intransigent mind is perhaps the greatest obstacle to peace. The closed mind is insurance that there cannot be a better world no, not until the mind is opened. 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER AUGUST 6, 1999