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Just to show you I still read the Observer closely, Ronnie Dugger \(“The Politicians vs. Texas politics, not to mention recent U.S. history. Lloyd Doggett was not Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court when Ann Richards failed to appoint him to Bentsen’s vacancy; if George W. Bush repeats his father’s White House term, it will be for four years, not eight. Get that man an editor! Gara LaMarche New York The Editors respond: Our loyal reader is indeed correct, and the editors accept all the blame for the oversights. Our only defense is that we were searching so diligently, on Ronnie’s behalf, for progressive Texas legislators, that we lost track of political history. THE ART OF SINKING I enjoyed your editorial “Running Down the isn’t the right word, because it was a pretty depressing reminder of how far Texas Democrats have sunk. I remember last October discussing the Sharp vs. Perry race with my mom, Jackie Irby. She’s a public school library administrator in North Texas, and I trust her opinions on these matters. She maintained that Sharp was definitely the better candidate for the public schools, and though I wasn’t entirely convinced, I voted for him anyway. Judging from the election results, too many other Democrats were lukewarm about Sharp. Meanwhile, Bush is a media darling even here in once-liberal Austin. This is truly a sign of the end times. On a brighter note, maybe with Republicans now holding every statewide office, the Democrats will wake up and mount a real challenge next time. Or we could take a cue from Minnesota and nominate an ex-wrassler. Yeah, that’s the ticket…. Joel Irby Austin DON’T SLEEP, ORGANIZE Ronnie Dugger hit the nail \(as well as the corhead in his article “The Politicians vs. the Peopeople to build our own new models for our working lives and our own new movements, free not only of the major corporations but also of the government and the two political parties which they own.” Ronnie addresses squarely what we all know but few dare say: Corporations have hijacked our political institutions including the Democratic Party. It is high time for true progressive populists to wake up and organize. A group of Texans committed to social justice, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, and nonviolence is organizing to form the Green Party of Texas. We invite your readers to join us! Check out the Austin group on the web at, or the Houston group at Or David Cobb, Chairperson Harris County Green Party SIGNS OF THE TIMES Thank you for the informative interview about the Dynamite Museum \(“The Emperor of more about the nice folk who provided me with so much delight on my recent return to my ancestral home. Last May, I drove to Amarillo to attend my Uncle Buck Ramsey’s memorial service. I was excited to see the signs I had heard about. The signs were great fun. They made me smile in a time of sorrow. I felt a special affinity for them upon finding one in front of my grandparents’ old house on Arthur Street. It read, “And her panties were on the floor.” I don’t know who she was, but it felt like family and it made me feel good. I felt a connection to whoever put the signs out. I only wish I could have one in my yard in San Benito. Thank you once again for tellin’ it like it is. Elizabeth Fleming Deluna San Benito GUNFIGHT AT THE GARDEN You know, the synergy resulting from guns & Jesus \(“Suzie Get Your Gun,” The Back Page, differently at Gethsemane: OBSERVER AWARDED Associate Editor Karen Olsson has been awarded a State Bar of Texas Gavel Award, for her story “Chain of Casualties: How an Amarillo Beef Plant Disposes of Injured The League of Women Voters of Texas Education Fund has selected the Observer as the winner of its Excellence in Environmental Awareness Award for Media. Judas came with a great crowd with swords and clubs. “Mess not with the Son of Man,” said Jesus, smoothly sweeping back his robe to reveal the butt of his Colt .45. And when they approached to lay hands on him, Jesus pulled forth his piece and wasted the crowd. Large and small, wasted he them, save one, whom he shot only in the ass. “Turn now thy other cheek, if thou darest,” said Jesus. “Thou have I spared to be messenger to thy boss. Go unto him and tell him that whosoever desirest a piece of me can meet me at high noon in the streets of Bethlehem.” Then Jesus turned unto his disciples and said, “Behold! I have done unto these punks before they could do unto me! Even thine Second Amendment Rights have I protected!” The wounded messenger limped hastily to See “Dialogue,” page 22 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER APRIL 16, 1999