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.4/JUL American Income Life Insurance Company BERNARD RAPOPORT Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer pro ems would be a good reduce taxes, because we all know that too much money spoils and we rightly look askance when bureaucrats are handling our money! But drive around any community, go visit any school system, and then observe whether there are any problems. We know that just giving money never solves a problem. It is when we delineate between kindness and weakness, and do so intelligently that we make progress. Do we need better schools? Do we need better teachers? Do we need more playgrounds? Do we need more good, well-organized childcare centers? Isn’t it a bit discouraging that we would even contemplate reducing editor and essayist, 0 ness that for every person who eats ca ia ne eat dog food. Lapham, who chooses his word carefully did not speak of beef or chicken at one end of the continuum and rice and beans at the other; he chose extremes, winners and losers, the game of the modern world, the American way” In our country, we need a lot more winners and fewer and fewer losers. One sure answer is an increasing commitment to public education, from Head Start through higher education. 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER SEPTEMBER 11, 1998