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server T HE TEXAS 307 West 5th Street Austin, Texas This is Texas today. A state full of Sunbelt boosters, strident anti-unionists, oil and as companies, nuclear weapons and power plants, political hucksters, underpaid workers and toxic wastes, to mention a few. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR! TO SUBSCRIBE: 307 West 7th Street, Austin, TX 78701 common stereotype. Not just resentment but suspicion, even a touch of paranoia: the platform still contains a demand to investigate the Trilateral Commission, an old right-wing bugbear, and the delegates insisted on floor debate of proposed rules changes out of suspicion that the people running the party might somehow be trying to put one over on them. Again, what was not debated political issues seemed to me the most striking feature of the convention. The state G.O.P. wants Congress to stop funding the International Monetary Fund, “because the IMF props up foreign tyrants and gives American tax money to international bankers.” Now I know for a fact that the corporate donors who support the party no more agree with that than they can dance the lead in “Swan Lake.” I think the way the I.M.F. structures loans is pretty ungodly myself, but no serious political debate would frame the issue as “I.M.F. or No I.M.F.” In recent weeks, both wings of the Republican Party have threatened to bolt because the other side is in the ascendant though it’s hard to say how serious they are. James Dobson, the right-wing radio preacher, threatened House Speaker Newt Gingrich and the other congressional leaders and as a consequence, we are now see ing all the divisive social issues the Istook Amendment on “religious freedom” etc. eating up what little remaining time Congress has to do anything. This in turn upset the moneybags, who are especially peeved about Republican efforts to vilify Clinton for trading with China. \(F.Y.I., for those who don’t follow politics: The real China lobby in this country is American business. Mess with their trade agreements, In chess, that’s called a fork. The Rs also lack a national leader they all like \(this is why they so mourn the Great Communicahas changed sides so many times, it’s ludicrous. I’d say this split is quite serious for the Rs at the national level but far less so at the state level. While the Christian right is not crazy about Kay Bailey Hutchison, or even George Dubya \(he’s too country club united by the prospect of victory. Molly Ivins is a former Observer editor and a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Her new book, You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You, is in the bookstores. You may write to her via e-mail at [email protected] . CLASSIFIEDS ORGANIZATIONS WORK for single-payer National Health Care. Join GRAY PANTHERS, intergenerational advocates against ageism and for progressive policies promoting social and economic justice. $20 individual, $35 family. 3710 Cedar, REVOLTED BY EXECUTIONS? Join the Amnesty International Campaign Against the Death Penalty. WORK FOR OPEN, responsible government in Texas. Join Common Cause/Texas, 1615 Guadalupe, #204, CENTRAL TEXAS CHAPTER of the ACLU invites you to our noon Forum, the last Friday of every month, at Furr’s Cafeteria Banquet Room in Northcross NATIONAL WRITERS UNION. We give working writers a fighting chance. Grievance procedures. Health insurance. Solidarity. Journalists, authors, poets, commercial writers. Forming locals in Austin, Houston, and El Paso. [email protected] PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. Join the Texas Civil Rights Project, 2212 E. GREEN DEMOCRATS. The Environmental Caucus of the Texas Democratic Party is organizing statewide for the ’98 elections. It’s time for Texas environmentalists to create a grassroots political force to help elect earthfriendly politicians like Garry Mauro. For contacts in your part of Texas, call [email protected] . SUPPORT TEXAS ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS through payroll deductions where you work. Call Earth SERVICES MARY NELL MATHIS, CPA, 20 years’ experience in tax, litigation support, and other analyses. 901 Rio Grande, HOUSEBUYERS, The Consumer’s Agent. Specialists in representing cen315-2565. WORLDWISE DESIGN, awardwinning graphic design studio. For creative, effective and professional designs for your educational and promoCLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum ten words. One time, 50 cents per word; three times, 45 cents per word; six times, 40 cents per word; 12 times, 35 cents per word; 25 times, 30 cents per word. Telephone and box numbers count as two words, abbreviations and zip codes as one. Payment must accompany order for all classified ads. Deadline is three weeks before cover date. Address orders and inquiries to Advertising Director, The Texas Observer, 307 West 7th, Austin, TX Mall, Austin. For information call MLK, Austin, TX 78702. $25/year. Volunteers also needed. Contact Jim 474-5073. 24 THE TEXAS OBSERVER .JULY 3. 1998