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Chat 8t Chew With Jim Hightower Purchase or renew a subscription to the Texas Observer and you could win lunch with Jim Hightower, legendary wit, raconteur, progressive philosopher, and the first radio talk show host fired by Mickey Mouse! The winner gets round-trip airfare to Austin and lunch at Threadgill’s World Headquarters with Jim Hightower, receives a signed copy of his most recent book, There:9 Nothing in the Middle of the Road But Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos, and gets to watch the live broadcast of Hightower’s nationally syndicated radio show. So subscribe today! You’ll also save 56% off the cover price. I want to subscribe to the Texas Observer. Name Address City/State/Zip 11] 1 year: $24 2 years: $48 3 years $72 New Subscription Renewal To be eligible, subscriptions must be received and paid in full by August 15, 1998. The Observer will provide round-trip airfare for one person, from any Texas airport served by Southwest Airlines; hotel accommodations will not be provided : Valid only for full-priced subscriptions \(student-rate subscriptions one-year subscription; two entries per two-year subscription; three entries per three-year subscription; in the case of gift subscriptions, the recipient will be entered in the drawing unless .the payor, in writing, requests otherwise. Please address all questions to the Texas Observer, .307 . WE’RE ON VACATION! The Observer staff is taking its annual summer break, hoping to re-connect with family, friends, fishing, cooler climates, and maybe even cleaner air. The Austin office will be closed July 1-15. Our next issue Summer Books 1998! will be dated July 31. be ashamed of themselves allowing Terry Zimmerman to hound victims right after an accident for, a signature on that [liability] waiver. I don’t believe anyone should sign their rights away in order to get a job, either. This should all be against the law. I feel I.B.P. in Amarillo, Texas has a very weak union for allowing all of this to go on. People are not disposable, or have disposable parts. Our state representatives are allowing this in Texas. It looks like to me our representatives are looking out for the big businesses and forgetting about the people who make these big businesses BIG! Su Klumpe Greeley, Colorado STAND CORRECTED The reviewer’s notation, “Succeeding Dobie, Graham has spent…” in the May 22 Observer article on Don Graham’s Giant Country could be misleading \(“Between Mythology and Experience,” by Michael Dobie to teach “Life and Literature of the Southwest.” An instructor in English in the 1940s, I took the course under Professor Boatright, and subsequently graded papers his students wrote for it. Carl Wright Lockhart MARVELOUSLY WILD, Y’ all are a much-needed voice in these wild times. Keep it up.. DR. Marvel Via Internet DULL AS TEXAS?,Thanks for your fine issue of March 27..I have been reading the Observer since the, sixties, and. though I have always seen the. importance of the magazine, I was consisr tently disappointed in the fact that it. shunned the arts-and culture as a whole, dealing. almost exclusively with Texas, while hoeing a hardball political line only, at times shying away, from truly. sensitive issues: The’ Observer was often useful, but, like Texas, dull. Though the journal continued to do good things, its narrow. scope in a state which needed somuch more, while other Texas journals practiced the same failure, ,made medro.p.the jour nal and, indeed, Texas itself, as something worth any consistent serious attention. So, it-was years before I picked it up again, only to see this issue, which was a delight. Poetry edited by Naomi Nye, an essay on the old gringo, Zapatistas, Books and the Culture, right along with sensitive state issues. Great things. I may even take out a subscription that I dropped long ago. Jimmy Jackson Austin JULY 3, 1998., THE TEXAS ,OBSERVER . 3