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tourism potential as he scurries through. A radwaste dump in our midst will not adversely affect tourism, Bush claimed, at his reception in Marathon. Right, Governor. All those other states that are fighting like the dickens to avoid situating an N-dump amidst their own populations must be real dummies to be passing up this opportunity. Once the Big Bend has a nuke dump upstream and upwind, everyone is sure to ask how we ever got along without one. Gary Oliver Marfa KEEP HOPE ALIVE Don’t even think about dropping my subscription! I have been with you since you started the Observer \(with Ronnie Dugpeople and the little guy are getting raped and Big Money and Big Business is King, we need the Observer even more. But we must not despair. We must remember that even the plague eventually passedand these Gingrich Dark Days will pass also. Keep the faith. Ramiro R. Casso McAllen I read about the Observer in Molly Ivins’ newspaper column. This is an outstanding magazine. I hope there are more liberals in Texas than there are here in Alabama. Keep up the good work and keep fightin’ the good fight! Eric Oliver cybrtyme. corn Labor Intensive Radio Radio of the union, by the union and for the union. Hosted and produced by union members dedicated to bringing the voice of labor to the Austin airwaves. Tuesdays 6:30-7:00 p.m. KO.OP 91.7 FM P.O. Box 49340 Austin, TX 75765 7tal ce4e, IMAGINE CRUISING DOWN THE AUTOBAHN WITH 256 HP UNDER THE HOOD, TOP DOWN, FIFTH GEAR, ENGINE WIDE OPEN, SCENERY A BLUR. THAT’S THE FEEL OF INTERNET ACCESS THROUGH THE NEW EDEN MATRIX. 14/47 t? tai\( ,e a. test DIAL-UP ISDN ACCESS FOR JUST $18.50/MONTH FULLY DIGITAL PRI PHONE LINES WIDE OPEN CAPACITY TECH SUPPORT WITH A PULSE The Eden Matrix www.eden.cain LP/> 106 E. SIXTH STREET, SUITE 210 AUSTIN, TX 78701 VOICE: 512.478.9900 FAX: 512.478.9934 .271111a +.2iff ,,I’at 7IIVAXI, Write Dialogue The Texas Observer 307 W. 7th St,Austin, TX 78701 email: [email protected] SEPTEMBER 26, 1997 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3