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I BONNIE RAITT with special guest appearance byjinunie Vaughan Jimmie Dale Git n.ore joe Ely and special guests Will and Charlie Sexton SEPTEMBER 28.7 PM THE BACKYARD in Austin, Texas “NO NUKES” Concert for a Nuclear Free Texas proceeds to benefit the G4/1006 SIERRA BLANCA DEFENSE F041411Ptio special after-show reception with the artists Sun Circle Reception 100 Tickets OW to purchase reception tickets or for more information call 5124474906 for general ticket sales call Star Tickets 469-SHOW b,10 A t”r. r. illustration: Brad Massengill 4 the public for a fee; for more information, contact the Office of Continuing Education at U.T.El Paso. NO NUKE MUSIC. Bonnie Raitt, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and special guest Jimmie Vaughn will perform at The Backyard in Austin on September 28, in support of efforts to stop the placement of a national radioactive waste dump in Sierra Blanca. “The power of music and the social conscience of artists like Bonnie Raitt and Jimmie Dale Gilmore have changed the course of history,” said concert coordinator and Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund spokeswoman Suze Kemper. Funds raised at the concert will support the work of the SBLDF, which is fighting the proposed dump in state administrative courts, the Legislature, and the U.S. Congress. The Austin concert will occur on the eve of a Congressional vote on H.R. 629 \(the nuclear facilities in Maine, Vermont, and eventually other states to truck their radioactive waste across the country to be dumped in the small West Texas town of Sierra Blanca, sixteen miles from the Rio Grande and the Mexican border. The Austin show will be part of a “No Nukes” tour by Raitt and others, with stops in San Diego and Las Vegas. Performers on the tour will include Jackson Browne, the Indigo Girls, John Trudell, and Graham Nash. The tour will focus on communities in danger of becoming radioactive waste dumps: Sierra Blanca, Ward Valley \(Calion Western Over 90 percent of “high” and “low” level radioactive wastewhich contain the same radioactive elements, in varying concentrationscomes from nuclear power plants. NO ASSASSINS. As we went to press SOA Watch was monitoring the pending vote on U.S. Anny’s School of the Americas. Appropriations for SOA cluded in the Foreign Aid Appropriations budget under consideration in the House. An amendment sponsored by California’s Esteban Torres and Pennsylvania’s Thomas Foglietta would cut all appropriations for SOA; related legislation has been sponsored by Massachusetts Congressman Joseph Kennedy and Illinois Senator Richard Durbin. A vote on the amendment is expected soon; readers are urged to call NUCLEAR LUNCH. Sierra Blanca businessman and rancher Bill Addington has demonstrated, agitated, litigated, and fulminated against the proposed low-level nuclear dump the State of Texas is locating in his home town. Now he’s not eating. On September 5, Addington began a hunger strike to protest the pending Texas-MaineVermont Congressional Compacta hurdle the dumpsters need to clear before opening the gates. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17 SEPTEMBER 12, 1997