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Subscriptions must be received and bills paid in full by September 19, 1997. The Observer will provide round-trip airfare for one person from any Texas airport subscription; two entries per two-year subscription; three entries per three-year subscription. We do not offer subscriptions of more than three years. In the case of gift subscriptions, the recipient will be entered In the drawing unless the payer specifically requests otherwise. N. Mail form and payment to 307 W. 7th St, Austin, Purchase a new Observer s before September 19, 1997 trip airfare to Austin an compliments of The Te Name tfll he cligiOle to \\\\ in round \\, tth the one nd erre’: 2 years [7i New Sub CI Early Renewal Molly promises to be stories. And just think to watch Molly Ivins ea . sit , t , C #1. 11 City/State/Zip f>, Address businesses \(e.g. truckers, airlines, railroads, maritime shippers, refiners, steel mills, apartment and office building ownThe Observer’s ignorance of geography is usually limited to obscure corners of the the past it’s made Hubert Humphrey a Senator from Wisconsin. Now, it’s made Kika de la Garza a Congressman from El Paso \(“Chronicles of Chemical Warfare,” by sion and El Paso are more than 500 miles apart. They’re both in the Valley, right? Tom Fisher Corpus Christi, Texas The Editors respond: A last-minute editing error transplanted Congressman de la Garza across the state; we apologize to Susan Pitman and to our readers. Occasionally we get in a rush, as Mr. Fisher undoubtedly did when he transformed Observer writer Ray Reece into country singer Ray Price. \(On the other hand, if Mr. Price is at all interested in contributing to the Observer in any capacity, we stand in readiness. But we remain grateful for such careful readers, and hope you will continue to keep us careful, too. SHAGGY WEB STORY I found the Observer’s URL on the wall of a stall in the men’s room at DFW airport. It said “for a really good time, go to .” OK? really nice to have such a “no-nonsense” place where one can kick back in the ol’ recliner, git the little lady \(a misnomer if ever they wuz one, she’s big as a Mack truck but good-hearted and generous to a me a hand pulling off my boots, since the dog done dragged off my boot jack to gawd only knows where. It’ll probably turn up next spring when I spade the garden again. In the meantime, thanks for keeping track of all them pols. Somebody’s got to do it, and since you seem to take so much pleasure in giving us all pleasure in reading about ’em, and keeping ’em guessing which one of ’em will be your next target. You do good work; keep it upsounds kind’a suggestive, but it’s not meant to be. Al Wright msn. corn BITING BYTES I’m real glad I found you folks online. I’ve enjoyed Molly Ivins’ writing for years, and have found her recommendations generally worthwhile. The Observer looks like one of the good ones. Here in upstate N.Y. there are plenty of liberal journals and such, but none that have the Observer’s mix of bite and humor. I plan to do more reading on your site before subscribing; gotta see how much the geographical separation makes the local articles less relevant to a yankee. But if Molly’s right, you take on issues that transcend geography. I look forward to that, and appreciate your attitude. Thanks, and I wish you success and survival in this increasingly hostile environment. Roy Flacco Brooktondale, New York SEPTEMBER 12, 1997 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3