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Join Us for Songs of Heart, History and Humor A BENEFIT CONCERT WITH PETER YARROW AND JOHN GORKA AND A TREASURY OF IMPERTINENT READINGS I FROM UNREPENTANT TEXAS OBSERVER JOURNALISTS… TO BENEFIT THE TEXAS server JUNE 8, 1997 AT THE TROIS ESTATE, AUSTIN Children’s Concert 4:00 5:30 pm Reception and Evening Concert and Readings 6:00-9:00 pm. Evening Concert: “The Tyrant’s Foe” Benefactor, $125/couple. “The People’s Voice” Patron: $35/single, $60/couple. For more information or to order tickets,call or fax The Texas Observer 477-0746, Fax Name Phone like to support the Observer. Please accept my charitable contribution to The Texas Address Democracy Foundation in support of The Texas observer. City, State, Zip 0 $35 0 $50 0 $100 0 $250 0 $500 Please make checks payable to the Texas Democracy Foundation. The amount paid in No. attending excess of actual cost per person attending is deductible as a charitable contribution.