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A . .. rotect rica’s ment r Families, ur Future. Texans have a right to a safe and healthy environment. Dirty air and dirty water. It’s enough to make you sick. Over 3 million children and elderly persons get sick from breathing Texas’ dirty air. Many become ill from drinking Texas tap water, often contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria and known carcinogens. Birth defects, cancer and damage to the brain, nervous and respiratory systems have all been linked to air and water pollution. Proposals advanced by polluting industries are putting our health and heritage at risk.. Polluters are trying to weaken the laws that protect our health, safety, and natural resources. If they are successful our communities would lose the ability to protect their citizens. Conserve and protect Texas for our children. Future generations have the right to fish in clean streams, and enjoy bountiful wildlife and nature. Let your leaders know how important clean air, safe drinking water and an enduring natural heritage are to you. Mail these two coupons today. Call for more information or to find out how you can help with this special public education project of the Sierra Club: 1-800-795-0438. =NM I1 ‘NNW =IR MEIN Dear President Clinton: We’re counting on you to protect America’s environment for our families and for our future. Please direct all federal officials to implement the following principles: I. PROTECT OUR FAMILIES FROM POLLUTION. Our families deserve clean water, clean air, and healthy food and neighborhoods that are safe from toxic chemicals. H. PROTECT OUR HERITAGE. Defend our national parks, wilderness areas, forests, wetlands, and wildlife from those who want to sacrifice our heritage for short-term profit. III. GET THE POLLUTERS’ BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Stop the big corporate campaign contributors from buying special deals that endanger our health and our environment. End taxpayer funding of logging, mining and other activities that damage the environment. 1 r ADear Governor Bush, Clean air to breathe and healthy water to drink are important to me and my family. Please fight all attempts to weaken laws or cut funding to agencies that protect our health, and safety. Protect Texans from those who put our health and natural heritage at risk for their own gain, requiring us to pay to clean up after them. Don’t let anyone take away the ability of local communities to protect their citizens. Conserve and protect our wildlife and natural resources for all Texans, for our families, for our future. INN NMI III= NEM I ENE III11 r L L Name: Please send to: Name: Please send to: President Bill Clinton The Honorable Address: The White House Address: George W. Bush 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW c/o Sierra Club City/State/Zip: Washington, DC 20500 City/State/Zip: PO BOX 1931 Austin TX 78767-1931 This ad is part of a special education project of the Sierra Club. As Earth Day approaches, thousands of volunteers from the Sierra Club and other environmental groups will be joining in a public information campaign to let our citizens know the importance of protecting our natural heritage and keeping our environment clean and safe. 14 APRIL 19, 1996