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:itios s i g iffi111457111fri g il’h , gik ag yili7/P71/0 07.Wielg ili 104018 ;,..”44E t ‘-s wrIat This is Texas today. A state full of Sunbelt boosters, strident anti-unionists, oil and as companies, nuclear weapons and power plants, political hucksters, underpaid workers and toxic wastes, to mention a few. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR! T HE TEXAS server TO SUBSCRIBE: Name Address City State Zip [I] $32 enclosed for a one-year subscription. n Bill me for $32. 307 West 7th, Austin, TX 78701 that exempts capital must necessarily impose steeper taxes on something elsesay, wages.” Extensive calculations by CTJ show that the tax bills of each fifth of the population go up under a flat taxexcept for the top fifth, whose taxes go dramatically down. Armey occasionally admits that one point of the flat tax is in fact to cripple the entire federal government, by decreasing federal revenues. The result would be the utter destruction of all those parts of the government not desired by the very richso that those same rich can have a tax cut that everybody else pays for. As a recipe for social stability, such a program ranks right up there with infant sacrifice, elderly beheadings, and cannibalism for everyone else. But you can expect the flatheads to keep trying. After all, the principal contributors to Armey, Gramm and Forbes can mostly be foundunlike most of the voters in the capital-surplus column. And as the effort to sell this turkey continues in the Republican primaries and its extensions such as the editorial pages of most newspapersthe thing to ask yourself is this: Will popular anger at the present tax system be assuaged by having its principal beneficiaries enact a new system that would benefit them even more? THE TEXAS OBSERVER I 1