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primary and general elections; Hilary Doran, who would go on to lobby for the Sierra Blanca nuclear dump and various horseracing interests, was prescient but tightfisted with his $500 general election contribution. Corpus Christians Richard and Sara Dorn contributed $4,000 in oil-and-gas money; Fort Worth mortgage banker James gave $1,500; Coke drinkers in the Trans Pecos provided soft drink money for the Gramm effort, as the Dunagans of Big Bend Coca-Cola gave $3,500; Charles Ebrom, another H.B. Zachry employee, provided $1,000; Earl Keller, of Phoenix, and the Circle K chains was a $2,000 giver. Car-dealers’ association Austin lobbyist Gene Fondren was listed as Gene Fendren and gave $500 on one page, and two pages later, Fondren, really one of the nicest guys in the lobby, turns up as a lawyer giving $500; David and Mary Fox of Fox & Jacobs Homes in Carrollton put together a $5,000 bundle; Richard Freeland, of Pizza Hut in Fort Wayne, Indiana, contributed $1,000; the banking Frosts of San Antonio contributed $2,500; Austin Realtor J.B. Goodwin contributed $1,000; the Haggar family of Dallas bundled up $5,000; Raymond Hearle and family of San Antonio provided $5,000; as did San Antonian Houston Harte of the Harte-Hanks Communications chain. One-time San Antonio city council member and formica-table-top eatery king $2,400; the late Hayden Head of Corpus Christi, whose son is now a conservative federal judge, contributed $3,000; Corpus Christi trucking Heldenfels Brothers set an example for their drivers and stayed under 55, with a bundled $5,500 donation. Barbara Hen and Barbara Hank, both or the same person, employed by H.B. Zachry gave $1,500; the George Hixon family of San Antonio’s Hixon Properties bundled $4,000; Houston lawyer Kenneth Hoyt, who later became one of very few AfricanAmerican federal judges, contributed $750; Jim Huffines of Dallas, who would become Bill Clements’ appointments secretary, weighed in with $8,000, with bundling help from his banking family; Houston Attorney Ralph Hull and Mrs. Ralph contributed $4,500; H.L. Hunt and an extended family of Dallas Hunts invested $28,750; John Hurd, a developer at the upscale Horseshoe Bay at Marble Falls, put together a $3,800 family contribution; Michael Kendrick of the Head and Kendrick law firm of Corpus Christi gave $3,000; the banking and ranching King family of King Ranch fame contributed $5,000. Tom Landry, who was then coaching the Dallas Cowboys and would have never attempted to twice convert on fourth down from his own 29 yard line, prudently kicked in $500; George Bush bud and Pennzoil CEO Hugh Liedtke bundled up $5,000; attorney Earl Luna, who was less than stellar or eloquent in his somnambulistic defense of wealthy schools in the Edgewood v. Kirby equity lawsuit, bundled up $4,000; John, Elizabeth and Sam Maddux of San Antonio and Fort Worth accounted for $4,500. Robert F. McDermott, the retired General who runs both United Services insurance company and San Antonio, contributed $1,000; chain-smoking lobbyist Bob McFarland, who was then a state senator, contributed $500; James McHaney, co-owner of the Victoria Advocate, contributed $1,000; Corpus Christi Oil & Gas family L.A. McNeill contributed $3,000; Triphene Middleton of Liberty gave 2,000 petrodollars; and Walter Mischer of Housthe Trading Post, home of Clay Henry the Beer-drinkeyed Moncrieff family of Fort Worth bundled up $10,500; Robert Mosbacher, who would later serve as President Bush’s Secretary of Commerce, provided $1,000, augmented by $1,000from his son, who is supporting the presidential candidacy of flannel-clad Lamar Alexander; the oil, gas & cattle O’Connor family of Victoria outdid the Kings of Corpus Christi, with a $10,000 bundled family contribution; H.B. Zachry employee Kathy Orriotti of San Antonio gave $1,000; Scott Parker, an oilservice company owner who listed his employer as the city of Liberty, where he served as unsalaried mayor, gave $1,000 in the same year he mailed one cent to Gramm’s opponent Lloyd Doggett. Martin Perleman of Windsro Gas Corp of Houston, along with William Perleman, bundled a contribution of $5,000; Marcella Perry, whose chirpy KTRH “Econocast” was sponsored by her Houston S&L employer, always upbeat, and seldom insightful, contributed $1,000; Pittsburg, Texas, chicken mogul Bo Pilgrim, who would later hand out $10,000 checks to senators in the Senate chamber in Austin, contributed the poultry sum of $4,000; while the extended family of Amarillo oil-&-gas corporate raider T Boone Pickens ponied up $18,000; Houston law firm rainmaker and one-time Clements’ secretary of state Jack Rains contributed $3,750; and Fort Worth financier Richard Rainwater contributed $2,000; Olive and Nancy Runnels of Houston contributed $4,500; Corpus Christi businessman Jack Ryan contributed $2,500; Herb and Pat Schiff of Dallas \(and the Rainbo Club Sportsman club, where the governor and other vacation homeowners vided $8,500; Houstonian Dudley Sharp, now a leader of the Justice for All victims’rights group, contributed $7,000; the late and former Tory Democrat Governor Allan Shivers and his banker son put together a $5,000 bundled contribution; Sam Sparks, then a member of El Paso’s largest law firm and now a federal judge in Austin, contributed $1,500; Jerry Stiles, who plundered a Dallas Savings & Loan, went to Gramm for what the Senator called “advice from an economist,” then picked up $54,000 on the tab for Phil and Wendy’s Chesapeake Bay weekend home, contributed $1,000. James Storm of Storm Drilling in Corpus Christi, contributed $4,000; courtly Houstonian George Strake, who served as state Republican Party chair during the 80s and was a Catholic Republican before the fundamentalist Christians and a bunch of women named Wanda seized the party, contributed $1,000; D.O. Tomlin of Tomlin Properties in Dallas bundled a $6,000 contribution; John Washburn, a business associate of vacation homebuilder Jerry Stiles gave $1,000; Houston tort reformer Richard Weekley gave only $500. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams, along with mother Chic, wife Modesta, and assorted family members, contributed $10,500; Leonara, Michael, and Richard Wood of Corpus Christi contributed $7,000 in oil-and-gas money; and Corpus Christian Oscar Wyatt, the gas man who recently teamed up with Londoner Freddie Laker to form a new airline, contributed 3,070; the San Antonio construction giant H.B. Zachry, which lives by state and federal projects and bankrolled Henry Cisneros, provided a bundled family contribution of $7,000. 4 DECEMBER 22, 1995