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‘ ,o, on a morning t h a t was filled with pe, we transcended 8 moment, on the g, when the poet i read aloud in tribute to on of our president. And inton History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. We live in times that demand equally large measures of intellect and courage to lead this nation. We are fortunate to have a president whose head and heart are strong enough to pull this country together now Albert Camus once said, “Poverty is a prison without a draw-bridge.” Indeed, divisions of wealth, race, class, literacy and more divide us, and will imprison all of us, if we let them. From one Texan to all of you, my fellow Texans, let me urge you not to let them. I c ation as tt young Arne you, personally, for about’ too speeches a the country. I believe less we talk about race in America will have no future as a country. Fa nally, we thank you for seeking a politics of unity, hope and healing to overcome the politics of fear, cynicism and division. Your presence makes me optimistic we can restore public service as a noble calling. EDITOR’S NOTE Because of a software error, the final four lines of the above speech were not included in the November 17 issue. This introduction to President Bill Clinton’s October 16 Austin speech is reprinted, with apologies to readers. TIRE TEXAS OBSERVER 13