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Nixon In Larry King’s BY DON GRAHAM& THE DEAD PRE By Larry L. Kin Staged Reading G.W. Bailey. October 14, U .., eat* Southwest Tex*. \(In conjuncti Larry L. Kim ;: letters, western Wii Library, th ug house.;. by his4 he has been -$141,4744no .. doubt, for 4i:oilier: tranced by the pretty much that had mad essay, where t ed to Shakespeare and Samtt other parts of these Etats Unis, t bet the farm on local laugh Jones, a dead playwright, ,, .8 played in New York back ody down here was saying was the greatest thing ‘tioning. new play is about , the and what e purpose of a is to register lesi ternal applause me , is intended to be a yoke a lot of laughup mostly of SWT be entertained, and But this is still the where Greater Tuna ame reverence an rank Dobie Regents d English Litera 1 Texas at Austin. he sio tub s of everyt . Ine: ere is some dis opping of the A-bomb: ver gets beyond he ybody who has Xr ‘y over the Smit As played b ed its include s Truman dogg sts upon his rectitu g.fellow dead president, this Truman isn’t funnyalthough he thinks he isand I was waiting for someone to knock the stuffing out of him, but it never happens. He blusters on to the end. 13J, A LEGENDARY teller of jokes, bawdy stories, and tall tales, would seem to offer vast comic potential, and King has written beautifully of LBJ in His essay “My Hero LBJ” fairly with Johnsonian energy and vol ons of profanity in the name of . ds its way into this -,.,….0*, Ll3J country, and C::::: ‘ 1::: inded like of Lyn-. o ‘ ‘w guffaws here at his native Texan well in TV’s “Northern Ex played the stereotypical er of films, would seem to evitable choice to play Johnson. as accent as broad as the LBJ ooks right at home in a West e suit, and he wears boots the son wears gloves: poured ybe the part was just too have to work to play 14111E411’h Corbin’s LBJ caught 10h il iierisms well and many of s drew gales of laughter, in arry Corbin playing Barry airness, this was a reading d, done almost literally on everal of the actors, including flown in from L.A. that day. case G. W. Bailey’s Nixon is eas best of the dead presidents. Cur actor-in-residence at SWT, Bailey excellent comic credentials, having played in “M.A.S.H.” and several of the Police Academy films. It’s intriguing to see how Nixon comes out the most lifelike and vital character in production. A traditional New Deal ioc rat and therefore life-long Nixon has had to do the artist’s job: he t a Nixon. In the process n took over King’s t, Because King o some Wm. osure:’ an in anus a m Tarry own fo 16 NOVEMBER 10, 1995