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acts of violence on TV. There is no vision, and the people are perishing. For decades savings-and-loan institutions were required by law to provide lowinterest loans to help families buy homes. President Carter “deregulated” interest rates, Congress deregulated the S&Ls, and their ensuing collapse destroyed the government’s low-intereSt housing program. Both parties lied to the people about the disaster until after the 1988 elections and then we were stuck for the bailout bill of half a trillion dollars. Forty-one million Americans, and rising, still have no health insurance, even though they could have been covered for nothing by the savings from national health insurance such as Canada’s single-payer system. When changes in cost-of-living components since 1960 are factored into the government’s measures of poverty, about a fourth of us are in poverty, almost twice the government’s official story line. Yet the Republican Congress continues deliberately to scapegoat and squeeze the poor and the elderly to provide still more tax benefits for the rich and the corporations, voting to give .itiAlgth IP”.4%il e ffh t Mar. 41,,mape ‘ 74:–fac … . … . WOO . .. leve l, 00 rout ntrft ……………. lifions to SI d person who is a pertner th e candidate’s district; ‘ pintributions or any other pO ,.,qty by corporations. Single-payer national health lns ura such as the Canadian plan, with autom universal coverage. A doubling of the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation. A full-employment \(3 percent tmemployfive-hour workweek with fourto six-week vacations; equal pay for equal work. A huge public-investment program, including the creation of a communityowned , community-controlled public nursing-home system and a new profession of caring for handicapped and tie. glected people, funded by the radical simplification of the income tax and the restoration of its steep progressivity, a permanent surtax on corporate profits and a steeply graduated annual wealth tax on ,:s. ,:100011/1/1111hqiiii .1. t ‘4 ,; -714 9 0. 0 ;4,. den and each eficial ac 4-golv. 4,%**0 actions? efi ” loans. -auntabillty 8 SEPTEMBER 1, 1995