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;it WW” igk, w .402..6g. WM: ‘XiM143.00 . -.*at-Orrs ay iris . . . “Ot011oa s; . . ntiO Dick Armey’s uncle speaks out! Harvest of Contempt by Joe Armey Joe Army analyzes the poison of the religious right fluid in the sinewed politics of the GOP: from his nephew’s gay-bashing and determination to balance the budget on the backs of thepoor and eroding middle class, to the toxic promises of Gingrich and Gramm to reshape the United States beyond the framework of the Constitution. In paperback. S12 Of related interest: Handbook for Voters & Liberal Democratic Candidates by Margaret Ravenscroft & Donald Ravenscroft Candidates for Congress. the authors issue a blue print on balancing the budget, protecting the rights of labor, revitalizing towns, cities and rural areas, while increasing commerce, reforming campaign fund-ing, creating truly affordable universal health care, curbing crime, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. It’s all here in paperback. ISBN 0-86663-210-7 S8 Publishers Associates P. 0. Box 140361 Las Colinas, TX 75014 Texas residents please add appropriate stale sales tax.. Shipping & handling: $I.50 pet book. anex, Ban e t 0#4,,,,C WO 54 ent of th’s total capital and re e only institutions the gov committed itself to rescue. e three have $6 billion USD tandu in uncollectible loans, a 40per Ott leap since last December. Serf in, billion USD outstanding, has 5 billion USD in current ac mailer banks face even more dizzying liquidity-Wan imbalances. In 4,the only source of funds currently the system system afloat, writes La Jor ii Jose Antonio Zuniga, ap s to be drug money. The U.S. Drug orcement Agency estimates that as h as $25 billion USD in drug sales are laundered each year through Mexi telf-foo trientioned turned from a . a. California’s Bank New York-based Cfi . in recent months, branches to test tfie advantage of NAFTA provit more quickly effective as a c: the Clinton administration’s $ USD rescue project last Febrti The entrance of U.S. banks into troubled Mexican market raises intri ing possibilities. According to :04, of E Barz6n, the spectre o1 the B America trying to foreclose on a Me can campesino “is a great way to start the Mexican revolution all over again:..” THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7