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“The fact that cancers, including breast cancers, can appear so quickly has never been seen before,” Stemglass said. The industry, he added, has a powerful incentive to hide this information, as it is now trying to do, because “widespread knowledge of this effect would be the end of the nuclear industry…” Dr. Rosalie Bertell, president of the Canada-based International Institute of Concern for Public Health, discussed the absence of a latency period in new breast cancers that are occurring so soon after the Chernobyl accident. She believes this shows how we have been misled by the way cancers are “counted” by government officials, who only count “radiation-induced fatal cancers.” Every word is important, she said. Radiation-induced fatal cancers, which are the only ones “counted” by government officials, represent only a small percentage of the cancers related to radiation exposure, she said. “You have ‘radiation-promoted cancers,’ induced by something else, but radiation is enough to destabilize the tumor cells and send them off reproducing…. when you have an accident like Three Mile :Island or Chernobyl, people are walking around with tumor processes but they are subclinical….your immune system is keeping it down….If you are suddenly insulted with a radiation blow, you throw off that balance and you are unable to keep down this…process and it becomes clinically visible. This is not a ‘radiation-induced cancer,’ it is a ‘radiationaccelerated cancer’ and if you work for the International Atomic Energy Agency, you don’t count it.” Sternglass agreed with Chernousenko’ s observation that for the first time in history we are seeing a whole population exposed to radiation through diet and envi.! ronment. After the initial accident the people have been exposed “gradually [through the food chain], from the embryonic state to the fetal state through early childhood and we must look at that population in order to fully understand the much greater consequences of continuous low-level exposure for which we have no previous human experience.” But the Cancer Cartel might already be putting up new smokescreens to divert public attention from the harm radia tion can do. NCI, with its incestuous ties to the chemical, nuclear, and pharmaceutical industries and to the medical establishment, is poised to launch a new strategy. Its 20year effort to find a viral cause of cancer not only failed miserably, but bought time for the Cancer Carteland time, in this instance, was definitely money. NCI’s ‘blame the victim for her lifestyle choices’ scheme backfired quickly. The heredity diversion was cast aside since genes account for only a small percentage of all breast cancers. Now, in its latest gambit to divert the public’s attention from the radiation link, NCI is shifting its focus to hormones. The scenario goes something like this: Start with a scare tactic, like the suggestion that the loss of estrogen might cause Alzheimer’s. Then appeal to the academic establishment with promises of plentiful grant money followed by liberal funding to study estrogen mimics, pharmacological fixes, and hormonal approaches. Make sure some of the studies suggest that anyone on hormone replacement therapy now will need anti-estrogen strategies. Finally, as the highest priority, establish a Laboratory of Hormonal Carcinogenesis and Cellular Proliferation. The discoveries made here will require new chemicals, new drugs, new treatments, new equipment, new technologyall of which will make the drug companies, the chemical enterprise, and the medical and nuclear industries very happy and very rich. This can only happen if the myth about radiation and cancer continues to kill us. How unfortunate for the Cancer Cartel that the Campaign Against Breast Cancer has its own global strategy. And it does not include keeping the radiation link or any of its scars hidden behind the myth. From Stardom to Scandal by Arthur Frederick Ide The first edition, released as Kay Bailey Hutchison: Lone Star Girl was out of print within 3 weeks. Now there’s an expanded edition: From Stardom to Scandal. Having scoured all public and private records, draining Texas public papers and journals of every shred of information, the author coupled his research with live interviews and depositions to uncover the true character of Texas’ most junior senator: Kay Bailey Hutchison. From Stardom to Scandal chronicles Kay’s early relationship with Travis County DA Ronnie Earle use of campaign contributions to entertain friends and cronies in Colorado and elsewhere public paranoia over Democrats, especially Bob Krueger, Richard Fisher and Jim Mattox public lies from her real education background to a fantasy burglary in Dallas and Austin use of state employees to buy and fix up her Austin home and for personal errands what Texas Treasury tapes were erased and why political indebtedness to health, insurance and energy PACs why Republicans went to Earle and demanded an investigation of Treasurer Hutchison and includes the text of indictments and laws cited as broken. Over 340 pgs. In paperback: $18.50 Monument Press P. 0. Box 140361 / Las Colinas, TX 75014-0361 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13