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PEOPLE Make a world of difference ! We’re proud of our employees and their contributions to your success and ours. Call us for quality printing, binding, mailing and data processing services. Get to know the people at Futura. P.O. Box 17427 Austin, TX 78760-7427 UTUM 389-1500 COMMUNICATIONS, INC Continued from pg. 24 Texas are much more compact than the North Carolina and Louisiana districts. BENCHMARKS. President Bill Clinton nominated former Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Fortunato P. Benavides, 46, of McAllen; U.S. District Judge Robert M. Parker, 56, of Beaumont and Carl E. Stewart of Louisiana’s 2nd Court of Appeals to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Democrats remain outnumbered on the 13-member appeals court. LABOR SCORECARD. Five Texas Congressmen compiled 100 percent voting records on progressive legislation monitored by the AFL-CIO during 1993. Charles Wilson, Jack Brooks, Craig Washington, Henry Gonzalez and .Gene Green agreed with the labor federation on 12 issues, including extended unemployment benefit; Hatch Act reforms; economic stimulus; workplace fairness; national service; pre-emption of state labor laws; NAFTA; family and medical leave; motor voter; budget reconciliation; education; and budget cuts. Other scores included Democrats: Ron Coleman, Eddie Bernice Johnson, 92 percent; John Bryant, Martin Frost, 91; Mike Andrews, Jim Chapman, Kika De La Garza, Solomon Ortiz, Frank Tejeda, 83; Jake Pickle, Bill Sarpalius, 75; Chet Edwards, 67; Tom Laughlin, 45; Pete Geren, Ralph Hall, 33; Charles Stenholm, 17; and Republicans: Larry Combest, Lamar Smith, 8; Bill Archer, Dick Anney, Joe Barton, Henry Bonilla, Tom DeLay, Jack Fields, Sam Johnson, 0. Of the state’s senators, Kay B. Hutchison was 0 for seven, while Phil Gramm missed on all 12 votes. V LINEUP FOR LAROUCHE. The Democratic primary includes 52 followers of Lyndon LaRouche in a slate headed by Evelyn K. Lantz, who is running for the U.S. Senate with the slogan “LaRouche Was Right.” Among the LaRouche Democrats, according to the New Federalist, a newspaper identified with the offbeat politico, are Joel DeJean in the 25th Congressional District and Phillip Butcher in the 22nd Congressional District, Debra Jamber, Greg Witherspoon and Darrel Hanson for county chairs in Harris, Dallas and Montgomery counties, respectively, and 45 candidates for positions on county executive committees, particularly in Harris and Dallas counties. LaRouche, whose quirky political philosophy ranges from right-wing economic policy to left-wing human rights, was paroled from federal prison Jan. 26 after serving five years on fraud charges and announced he was getting ready for another presidential race in 1996. HIT AND RUN. Life is dangerous on the information highway. That’s what the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund munications giant Southwestern Bell discovered that one of its former adversaries at the Public Utility Commission had signed on with MALDEF. Luis Wilmot, appointed by Gov. Ann Richards to the office of public utility counsel, was hired in the summer to replace MALDEF general counsel Norma Cantu, now with the Clinton Administration. As public utility counsel, Wilmot had challenged Southwestern Bell, claiming they were overcharging consumers by $234 million a year. He also opposed several changes in the Sunset Advisory Commission’s proposal to reorganize the Public Utility Commission that would have benefited Southwestern Bell. Now the phone company has returned the call, according to reports. in the Dallas Morning News, by cutting its funding to MALDEF, the organization that has been at the forefront of litigation to provide equity in Texas public schools. The funding requests turned down by Southwestern Bell, a traditional MALDEF funder, include a contribution for a program to encourage low-income parents in the Edgewood School District to become more involved with their children’s schools. San Antonio Express -News columnist Rick Casey observed that the telecommunications giant should consider increasing MALDEF contributions, to remove any temptation for Wilmot to return to his old job. V NAFTA RETRIBUTION. Freshman Houston Congressman Gene Green’ s vote against NAFTA was also a vote against the Houston Chronicle, and now Green, like fellow Democrat Craig Washington, is paying for it. Calling the vote a test that Green failed, Chronicle editors endorsed Green’s primary opponent, Ben Reyes, the grey eminence of brown machine politics in Houston. After taking Green to task for casting a vote by which he remained faithful to labor, which did more than any single group to elect him, Chronicle editors warned Rdyes that he shouldn’t represent only Hispanics in District 29, who will do more than any single group except the economic-development cabal the Chronicle represents to elect him. BAD PRESS FOR THE SOA. Austin American -Statesman Washington reporter Michele Kay reports that Mexican Army officers are now being trained at the Army’s Colombus, Ga., School of the Americas itary and civilian officials to U.S. values and democratic processes.” Recent press reports, inchiding a Newsweek feature, have begun to shed some light on the S.O.A. Among the schools distinguished alumni are Manuel Noriega, class of ‘ 65 and ’67, serving 40 years in a U.S. federal prison; Roberto D’Aubuisson; class of ’72, the late Salvadoran death squad leader; Colonels Guillermo Benavides and Manuel Antonio Rivas Mejia, Salvadorans, both of the class of ’70 and both involved in the planning and coverup of the 1989 Jesuit massacre in San Salvador; General Lucas Garcia, who served as dictator of Guatemala from 197882, a time when at least 25,000 civilians were slain by troops according to reports by several human rights groups; and General Edgar Godoy Gaitan, class of ’87, the Guatemalan officer believed to have ordered the slaying of Guatemalan anthropologist Myrna Mack Chang in 1991. Pentagon officials told the Statesman that “one or two dozen at the most” of 100 Mexican military officers now being trained in the United States are at SOA. But the Statesman report quoted Roman Catholic priest Roy Bougeois, who has conducted a campaign to close the school. Bourgeois, whose School of the Americas Watch is located at the SOA entrance, says the, number is closer to 50. More light might be shed on the school as New Jersey Representative Robert Torricelli’s Western Hemisphere Affairs subcommittee looks into alleged atrocities committed by the Mexican military in Chiapas. 22 FEBRUARY 11, 1994