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went into the coverup mode immediately after the assassination, not because Oswald was working for them, but because they knew they were into other messy operations that a full investigation might turn up. “There was a huge government reflex to hide things. Whether [Oswald] was the lone gunman or not, they assumed he was, because they knew all the other bad things they had been doing.” The media members of what Mailer called the Washington Club, including Time, Newsweek, the Washington Post and the corps of TV pundits, held domineering control over the news media of the time, and they accepted the idea of Oswald as the lone assassin, a position they hold to this day. “Just as a good lawyer doesn’t ask a question for which he doesn’t already have the answer, the Washington Club doesn’t ask questions about the JFK assassination, because it doesn’t know where it might end.” Revelations of CIA assassination squads and dirty tricks during the 1970s and 1980s brought a new wave of critics, culminating in Oliver Stone’s movie, JFK, which Mailer classified as “a great movie … It’s maybe the worst of the great movies.” Stone “didn’t A mother Lode in storage ACCORDING TO anOctober 1993 artile in South Texas Law Review, Charles J. Sanders and Mark S. Z Heys who have worked to obtain. , documents relating to the Kenn sination, among the documents’ declassification are 250 pages prepared by Edwin Lopez for the House Select i ttee o Assassinations on the activities of Oswald in Mexico. According to Lopez, the contains evidence that Oswal sonated in Mexico City by a establish before the assassins had continuing ties to the Papers of the late CIA Station Chief, Winston Scott, which edly include a manuscript containing ef t sive commentary and information on at3 ities in Mexico City relating to t assassination and the subsequent inves gation and other records, includi tographs and surveillance Iles the late CIA Director of rations for Western Hemisphere, David Atlee also may contain information on Osw *N. alleged activities in the anti-Castro Cti underground when he was engaging in pu lie pro-Castro activities in New Orleans. FBI records concerning suspected imper, sonations of Oswald. FBI Director J. Ed Hoover sent a June 3, 1960, memorandum to the. State Department warning that sa l one might be impersonating Oswald in the United States while Oswald was in Russia. Documents concerning FBI, Secret Service, Dallas Police and State Department investigations of this issue may exist and stand to reveal more about Oswald and what the government did or did not know about him before and after the assassination. For example, a CIA cable dated October 10, 1963, stated that on October 1 a man who identified him self as Lee Oswald contacted the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. The man was described as approximately 35 years old, with an athletic build, about six feet tall, with a receding hairline. Oswald was 24 years old, slender and well under six feet tall. FBI wiretaps of the Mafia. Former House Select Committee general counsel Robert Blakey recently revealed that FBI wiretaps to him alluding a ano report, ge from cante A CIA eclas ir4ived e nch e where x win ers turned et th alias urned “executive *Wait icos IA S exec I.:43;:’P am, which action” alio the Caribbean n progr r 60s in bbean and French mercenaries, CIA verified to the ,in a memo released in can serviceman Eugene ‘