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Friday, March 1211’13 P.M. THURGOOD MARSHALL CONCERT wlamorILIPre IWG JAMES MCMURTRY TISH HINOJOSA BELLS OF JOY 3rd Annual Concert benefitting the TCRP Celebrating the life and work of Thurgood Marshall Friday, March 12th 8p.m.-12A.m. Saengerrunde Hall 1607 San Jacinto Tickets $10 in advance or $12 at the door On sale now at Waterloo Records Free food and cheap beer I Co-sponsored by THE CHRCSkivra TEXAS CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CALL 51124745073 FOR MORE INFORMATION agreement in front of him. Democratic senators John Glenn of Ohio, David Pryor of Arkansas and Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut have a hard time believing that the plum position was not a payoff for. Wilson’s cooperation in helping Bush covert the Iran-Contra tapes. The senators sent a joint letter on February 17 to the Office of Government Ethics and acting Attorney General Stuart Gerson, charging that it is possible that Dr. Wilson, in his handing of the agreement with Bush while negotiating a job with his presidential center may have entered into a conflict of interest. The Justice Department indirectly confirmed that it is considering opening an investigation the week of February 21 in papers it filed with regard to the archivists’ law suit. Wilson was supposed to give deposition about his progress in complying with Judge Richey’s order but he did not appear. Justice attorneys informed the court they would not be able to represent Wilson at the deposition since the department was considering opening a criminal investigation on Dr. Wilson. Wilson claimed in a prepared statement that NARA attorneys involved in the agreement did not see “any conflict of interest between the signing of the agreements and any potential employment or future negotiations with Texas A&M.” Wilson in this same February 17 statement claims that he has requested the Justice Department and the Office of Governmental Ethics to investigate the allegations. The investigations could result in felony charges. Bush’ s Iran-Contra tapes gambit has tainted Wilson’s ascension to his new post at Texas A&M, no doubt, but the loss of the tapes also leaves the Clinton’s National Security Council without the benefit of years of computer records that could inform the new staff of past policies and activities of the Bush and Reagan NSCs. Clinton seemed conciliatory to the Bush Administration and even friendly toward Bush but it will be an indicator of the mettle of Clinton’s presidency if he allows Bush to dictate what his security council may be allowed to know about past NSC’ s staff operations. An executive order from Clinton could regain the tapes for the benefit of his NSC, expose the details of executive power run amok, end court squabbling over access to the information on the tapes and provide history with the raw material required to honestly inform it. That would be a mark of leadership that would send a message that Clinton’s presidency does have an interest in the truth being known and will use the power of his presidency to defend it rather than covert it. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13