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TH E MESS IN TEXAS: ENVIRONMENTAL \(*ECONOMIC LEGACY OF THE COLD WAR A CONFERENCE TO PROVIDE EDUCATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT current dangers from nuclear radiation -connections between militarism and a failed economy “FROM GLOBAL CAPITALISM TO ECONOMIC SECURITY”AR/UN MAKHIJANI President, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Washington, D.C. Member, Science Advisory Board of the Environmental Protection Agency. Native of India. Doctorate in nuclear engineering from University of California at Berkeley. Author/co-author of numerous studies on nuclear waste and other environmental issues, including recently published From Global Capitalism to Economic Justice. “HEALTH EFFECTS OF LOW LEVEL RADIATION”DIANNE QUIGLEY Executive Director, Childhood Cancer Research Institute, Concord, MA. Organizer of “Regional Radiation Health Networks,” citizen groups for ongoing trainings and strategy sessions to improve health policies on radiation issues. “BUILDING A PEACE ECONOMY”IRA SHORE National program director of Sane/Freeze: Campaign for Global Security’s Peace Economy Campaign. Helped create and now sits on steering committees of three national budget coalitions. Concurrent organizing sessions: Strategies for change creating a peace economy in Texas passing environmental legislation for nuclear Responsibility Help develop plans to rid us of the mess in Texas by managing radioactive waste phasing out nuclear power restoring areas devastated by years of uranium mining protecting the Panhandle from becoming the nation’s plutonium dumping ground Discover how building a peace economy in Texas while dismantling our huge stockpile of military weapons is basic to the development of new priorities for all of usand for government as well. SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1993 ROYCE HOTEL, AUSTIN PLEASE REGISTER BY MAIL. HELP OUR PLANNING! TEXAS CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL SECURITY c/o Mary Talbot-McKenzie P.O. Box 49788 Austin, a 78765 Name Address City, State, Zip $25 Individual membership, Texas Campaign for Global Security Texas Campaign for Global Security is a grassroots-based organization whose mission and purpose is to educate the people of Texas in order to recruit members and organize them into a nonviolent citizens’ movement with the sustained political power to reverse the arms race, abolish nuclear weapons, and construct a world of peace and justice. 22 JANUARY 15, 1993