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cent of the Republican primary vote to beat Rep. Randy Pennington of Houston. There is no Democratic candidate. In District 134 in Houston, the Republican primary produced a runoff between Kyle Janek, a physician who got 34.9 percent, and Mike Shelby, a lawyer and former prosecutor who got 33.9 percent, while Tim Turner finished with 31.1 percent. The winner will oppose Rep. Sue Schechter, D-Houston, who was unopposed in the Democratic primary. In District 135 in Houston, Lea Bell, a housewife and former aide to Democratic Rep. Al Edwards, got 34.9 percent of the vote to force a Republican runoff with Rep. Dalton Smith, R-Houston, who got 43.9 percent. Winston Cocicran got 16.7 percent and Floyd W. Freed III got 4.6 percent. Terry Bryant, a lawyer, was unopposed in the Democratic primary. In District 140, Rep. Kevin Bailey, DHouston, got 56.5 percent of the Democratic primary vote against Mike De La Garza of Houston. Bailey had COPE and TSTA support. There is no Republican candidate. In District 141, Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, got 62.1 percent of the Democratic primary vote to beat Michael Yarbrough of Houston,. Thompson had COPE, TSTA and TWPC support. There is no Republican candidate. In District 143, Rep. Mario Gallegos Jr., DContinued on pg. 21 No Congressional Casualties Yet Austin fight incumbent congressmen survived pri mary challenges on March 10, including Rep. Ron Coleman of El Paso and Charles Wilson of Lufkin. The two Democrats also happened to be on the list of the 24 worst “abusers” of the House bank, a list released the week after the primary. Eleven other Texans seven Democrats and four Republicans have admitted they bounced checks, which will give challengers fodder for the general election. Dallas-Fort Worth area Sam Johnson, R-Dallas, easily beat a Republican primary challenger and is unopposed in the general election. In District 4 Rockwall conservative, beat a Democratic challenger and in November will face Republican David L. Bridges of Rockwall. In D-Dallas, faces Republican Richard Stokely of Frisco in the general election. In the redrawn District 6, which includes only 15 percent of the former 6th District, incumbent Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis, won the Republican primary and will face Democrat John E. Dietrich of Arlington, a former newsletter editor pushing term limits. In District 12 \(Tarrant Fort Worth, was unopposed in the Democratic primary for his second full term. He will face Republican David Hobbs of Fort Worth, a former congressional aide to Rep. Dick Armey. In District 24 \(Dallas County South believed to have the upper hand for re-election as he heads into the general election against the winner of a Republican runoff between Phillip Bielamowicz, a Cedar Hill convenience store owner, and Steve Masterson, financial manager from Cedar Hill. Dick Armey, R-Lewisville, was unopposed in the Republican primary but faces a general election challenge from John Wayne Caton of Bedford. In District 30 \(Southeast Dallas Democratic primary in the district she drew when she was state senator. She is expected to have an easy time against Republican Lucy Cain in November. Harris County 14 runoff between Ben Reyes, Houston City Councilman, and Gene Green, a state senator, is being styled as a test of Hispanic unity after a five-way Democratic primary left some Mexican-American leaders resentful that organized labor backed Green. The new district was drawn 60 percent Hispanic to help elect an Hispanic congressperson, but Anglos make up more than one-half of the voters; Green got 28 percent of the primary vote while Reyes got 34 percent. Sylvia Garcia finished third with 21 percent, followed by Al Luna, a former state representative with 15 percent and Andrew C. Burks Jr. with 3 percent. The winner will face Republican Clark Kent Ervin of Houston. In other Houston-area congressional disBill Archer, R-Houston, is unopposed. In Fields, R-Humble, will face Democrat Charles E. Robinson of Magnolia. In District 18 D-Houston, will face Republican Edward Blum in November. In District 22 \(Harris Land, will face Democrat Richard Konrad of Houston. In District 25 \(Harris County face Republican Dolly Madison McKenna. San Antonio area B. Gonzalez, D-San Antonio, is unopposed for re-election. In District 21 \(Hill Country face James M. Gaddy, D-San Antonio, in the general election. In District 23 \(Upper Rio Antonio got 72 percent of the vote with COPE and TSTA support to beat Clayton H. Mulvaney Jr. of Del Rio. In the Republican primary, Henry Bonilla of San Antonio got 63 percent of the vote to beat Dick Bowen Frank Tejeda, a state senator, was unopposed for election to a new congressional district. challenge incumbent Rep. Jim Chapman, Dcolorful incumbent Rep. Charles Wilson, DLukfin, beat two Democratic challengers but faces Republican Donna Peterson of Orange, who will repeather 1990 challenge. In District Beaumont, dean of the Texas congressional delegation, was unopposed in the Democratic primary but has a Republican opponent in Steve Stockman of Webster. In District 10 faces Republican Herbert Spiro of Austin. In Edwards, D-Waco, will face James W. Broyles, R-Moody, in the general election. mer congressman Beau Boulter of Amarillo won a four-way Republican race to challenge Rep. Bill Sarpalius, D-Amarillo. In District Laughlin, D-Victoria, will face Republican general election. In District 15 \(South Central Garza, D-McAllen, will face Tom Haughey, R-San Juan, in the Ronald Coleman, D-El Paso, beat three challengers in the Democratic primary while the Republican primary produced a runoff between Pat O’Rourke and Chip Taberski. In Stenholm, a conservative Democrat from Stamford, faces a general election challenge from Jeannie Sadowski, R-Eastland. In Combest, R-Lubbock, will face Terry Lee Moser, D-Amarillo, in the general election. P. Ortiz, D-Corpus Christi, will face Republican Jay Kimbrough of Beeville in the general election. J.C. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 9