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LIFETIME INVESTIGATION BY RALPH THOMAS JUST RELEASED! MISSING LINKS THE JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY INVESTIGATIVE REPORT By: Ralph D. Thomas I , Based on a lifetime of investigation, research and obsession by one of the country’s most well known investigative professionals. Missing links is an encyclopedia on the assassination conspiracy and coverup of JFK containing new evidence as well as a different lock at old evidence through the eyes of a professional investigator. INTRODUCTION: bails of the trip to Dallas, the first reports of the assassination and the beginning stages of the cover-up. THE VVrINESSES THEY WANTED TO GO AWAY: In this investigation, Thomas looks at glassy knoll witnesses who felt that at least one shot was fired fran the grassy knoll. Some heard shots, sane saw men behind the fence an top of the knoll, sane saw puffs of white smoke and some smelled gunpower in the area Many were threatened, several had their film taken flan them and sane remained silent for years, but the story of these people provide conclusive evidence that shots were fired from the grassy knoll THE MAGIC BULLET AND OTHER EVIDENCE THAT DOESN’T’ ADD UP: The magic bullet theory and why ifs just a theory and couldn’t be a fact. The Paraffin test that would have proven Oswald not guilty in a court of law. Solid evidence of other rifles found in the School Book Depository and evidence of one rifle filmed being brought down the back fire escape. Suspicious information =reining the empty shells and fingerorint.The third man wounded during the assassination, and the attempted cover-up. Blood on the sidewalk steps and the attempts to cover it up. The body of the president and suspicious facts. The fake backyard photographs. FROM THE SIXTH FLOOR WINDOW TO OSVVALD’S ARREST: Time study that proves Oswald couldn’t have been in the sixth floor window. Witnesses who describe men other than Oswald with rifles in the upper windows of the School Bock Depository. Oswald’s activties after the assassination that indicates he didn’t murder anyone, including Tippit. The suspicious and strange arrest. MISSING LINKS: THE OSWALD/RUBY LINK: Complete background investigations on both Oswald and Ruby that proves: Oswald was involved in intelligence work and Ruby was involved with orgainzed crime. Indepth linkage and study of communication both covert and overt of Oswald and Ruby taking place before the assassination. Charts are provided. NEW IDENTIFICATIONS: INFORMATION, DISINFORMATION AND MISINFORMATION: The gunman behind the knoll identified The men in the tramp photographs identified. Attempts to plant disinformation and misinformation. This section goes into both the Chancy Holt story and the Rosco White story. Some of the facts uncovered have never before been revealed. REVERSE SPEECH AND THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: New evidence that utilizes a new audio investigative technique that proves Oswald didn’t assassinate Kennedy backed up with PSE testing. PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND THE QUESTION OF MOITVE: Prior knowledge of a plot to murder the President existed in Chicago and Miami. There is evidence that authorities in New Orleans knew of the Dallas assassination before it happened. Motive is explored as far as the current evidence of the 60’s and what policy changed after the assassination. Highly revealing. Prime motives and prime suspects including the Mob, the Civil Rights Movement, The Vietnam War, Castro and the Cubans, Right Wing Groups and the Oil Business, Internal Affairs, J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA, the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis are explored. Missing links is over 100,000 words and concludes that JFK was murdered as the result of a conspiracy which was covered up. It contains hard evidence and takes new investigative approaches never before explored. Judge for yourself the overwhelming evidence of the conspiracy and cover-up on the crime of the century from one of the most famous investigative specialists in the United States. I Over 100,000 words, Large 8 112 X 11 pages, Perfect Bound, charts, 208 pages Private printing, Limited Edition, numbered and signed by the author. $35.00 ORDER FORM Rush me a limited edition signed and numbered copy ofAilysi am enclosing $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling per order or wish to charge my: CARD NUMBER: EXP. DATE: I ‘ at .5. 5I I At\(! RUSH MY ORDER TO: SEND TO: NAME: PHONE: Thomas Publications ADDRESS: P 0 Box 33244 CITY, STATE, LIP: Austin, Texas 78764 CREDIT CARD ORDERS CAN ORDER BY PHONE AT 512-928-8190 or by fax at: 512,928-4544 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13