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Duke: No. Totally uncorroborated. They always do this, you know, they don’t give any sources, they don’t give any names, any places, they just say things, you know. V: Concerning the Holocaust Dugger: Of course, Willis Carto’s Institute for Historical Review and other revisionists have been saying the Holocaust is a myth. Now in `80 in a letter you said it was a historical hoax, you told Rich in ’85, “Today, I believe it didn’t happen,” Zyklon B was used not to kill Jews but to kill lice, and “the whole thing comes down to a house of cards,” and in ’89 you were referring to the alleged Holocaust, apparently to Abby Kaplan. Well, did it happen or not? What did happen, how many people were murdered, by whom? Where are you now on this question? Duke: Obviously I didn’t refute the Holocaust in that interview with Kaplan. I think there were terrible atrocities in Germany, I don’t know how many, but I think there were terrible atrocities, whether there were six million or 600,000 or 60,000 and whether it be Nazi or whether it be Communist or whatever, that kind of activity is reprehensible. Dugger: Well, do you have any opinion on how many folks the Nazis Duke: I’m not any expert on that. Dugger: You’re not. You don’t have any new sources. Duke: I’ve read Jewish books that had quite different numbers, different ideas….So there are different opinions about different eras. But I do think that Solzhenytsin said 66 million people were murdered in the Soviet Union, I think we should give at least as much coverage about that as we do about the six million,. and I think the constant reiteration, the chronic repetition of the atrocities that took place in Europe Dugger: You mean in the Holocaust? Duke: Right. have an effect of aiding Israeli policy in the Middle East in terms of the Palestinians. Dugger: You think that’s maybe the purpose? Duke: No, I don’t think it’s the purpose, but the constant reiteration of it is something that helps lessen the moral indignation about what’s going on in terms of the Palestinian rights and values in Israel. No one can deny the terrible atrocities that took place or [not] condemn them, but this constant referral to it certainly helps insulate the Zionist state from criticism. VI: A Race War Coming? Dugger: Now we’re goin’ back 20 years. Mike Connelly over in Baton Rouge told me on the phone that way back when you were a student at LSU you told him you were certain we would have .a race war in the United States, the whites versus the Jews and the blacks, and that by the time you were in your forties you’d be governor of Louisiana, he said you said this at the time, and that you’d lead the race war. I don’t know if you remember that and want to go back that far. My question is, do you think we’ll have a race war in the United States? Duke: First of all I’ll refute that. It’s so easy to go back 20 years, your political opponent, and they suddenly have a memory of what you say. I don’t think there’ll be a race war. I certainly hope not. I pray not. If the present policies of immigration continue and some of the liberal social policies, that may produce one. Dugger: By having more of the people disagree with Western Christian values? Duke: Yeah, more of the fragmentation of American society. And it’s not gonna be something that, uhit would not be something that the American majority would start. It would be something that you know, the largest Mexican-American group is called La Raza Unida, the united race, and they talk about their allegiances, and about how the Southwest part of the country was taken away illegally from Mexico Dugger: Is that the largest? Duke: One of the largest. And that’s the prevailing sentiment. There’s a lot of that. There’s more black radicals along those lines as well. So, yeah, I’m concerned. Unless we have English as the language of the United States of America, that may add to the fragmentation and the ultimate problems that we might have along those lines. Dugger: There might be a civil war, you think, along racial lines? Or it could happen. Duke: It’s happened before in history in many countries, and I don’t want to see that happen here. It would be horrible if it happened. I don’t think it will happen, but if the present policies continue, it could happen. VII: Certain Remarks Explained I would like to, finally, show you three excerpts from a 1986 transcript that the Louisiana Coalition puts out, and as you know Evelyn Rich has put in the library, said it’s open to the press. This is an excerpt from that ’86 interview with Joe Fields and you that Evelyn Rich had. My question is simply, What do you mean here? Or is it a correctdo you doubt the transcript? \(Duke reads the excerpt, whichthough it is to be found in larger type in the excetpts printed earlier in this issue was presented to Duke The First Excerpt Shown to Duke : Duke: ….If we’ve got truth on our side and we’re the majoritythat is, white people then if we fail. if we’re failing, it’s something lacking in us…. Fields: It doesn’t take that many people though to start something rolling. Hitler started with seven men. Duke: Right, that’s what I’m trying to say to you…. Fields: And most people didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Duke: Right! And don’t you think it can happen right now, if we put the right package together? 30 JANUARY 17 & 31, 1992