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RICHARD BARTHOLDMEW Duke: Well, if a person’s a murderer, I don’t see much value in him.,In fact I agree with the death penalty. I think just because we crawl under the wire as a human being doesn’t give us any special rights…. Humankind has been responsible for terrible atrocities, and the world is full of it, whether you talk about Attila, whether you talk about Hitler, whether you talk about Stalin, or whether you talk about the tens of thousands of wars that have scarred this globe over the last 50 milleniums. We have been guilty of despoiling the environment, we have been guilty of terrible things, and what makes humankind valuable is what’s noble in man and woman, you know, what’s justice, and freedom, and great and beautiful art and music and architecture and science and medicine and achievements. And the accomplishments of the heart…. IV: All-White America Dugger: On WSMB radio in New Orleans in 1989, and earlier, you said you would like the U.S. to be all white. Duke: No, I said Dugger: Well, what did you say, or what do you think? Duke: Well, they said, what was the thing, if you had your ruthers, or if you have your preferences, if you could just have a wish and you could wish it was all white, would you want it to be all white. And I think I said, “Yes,” you know, if we’re gonna fantasize, I said, fine. I don’t think America has to be all white. I’m not advocating making America all white. But, you know, generally speaking, I’m proud of Western heritage and European heritage, and if we were all white, which is impossible, ’cause it could not happen and will not happen, we wouldn’t be experiencing some of the difficulties we are experiencing today. Dugger: I think about ’89 and earlier you were quoted that possibly we should send the American blacks back to Africa. If it was practical, would it be good for the government to do that? You said that about two years ago. Duke: Yeah. Well, that was opening a question, I didn’t advocate that. No, I don’t think that’s practical, nor do I think it’s good. Dugger: Zatarain, who was interviewing you in 1989 and 1990, says you believe nowhe means ’89 and ’90, ’cause he quit his interviews in early ’90that the Klan stands for noble and just causes, and you said the Klan “is a living instrument for the ideals of Western Christian civilization and…the white race.” 4Would you explaint that a little more? Duke: When was that said? Dugger: Well, that would be in ’89 and ’90. Duke: I didn’t say that; ’89 or ’90 I didn’t say that. I don’t think he quotes me as saying that. Dugger: Yes. I’ve got the book with me. Duke: Yeah, show me where he has me saying that in ’89 and ’90. I’d like to see that. Dugger: Well, no he didn’t say ’89 and ’90, but he’s quoting and I assumed he was in interview!’ \(Dugger got out his copy of the book, but the interview proceeded too rapidly for him to be able to give Duke the references during the course of the interview. They were faxed to Duke with a copy of this transcript. Dugger: In the early ’80s you said, “We don’t want Negroes around,” that they can’t hack it on math and science, and that they are much closer to the jungle than European people. Would you add anything to that, or change it? Duke: . No. . I don’t agree with that. That’s an intolerant statement that I would certainly regret. If I said that in a moment of anger or in response to something out of context or whatever, I don’t endorse that. Dugger: On racial segregation, what races should be segregated, and should the Jews live in segregated areas? Duke: No, I don’t think so at all. I don’t believe in segregation for anybody. I think we shouldn’t have forcible integration or forcible segregation or separation. I think people should basically be able to do what they want to do. Dugger: You’re not for enforced segregation? Duke: Right. I’m not for enforced integration either! The government should be out of all that. Dugger: Okay. Wilmot Robertson, you remember, in Instauration, which you reprinted in your newsletter in ’84, advocated establishing separate racial nations made up of what are now American minorities and the Jewsyou remember that plan. The year after, you said you were for “the geographic segregation of. the races, within either this country or on an extracontinental basis.” What about that? Duke: Okay. Well, .I didn’t advocate that. That may have been written in the publication Dugger: You said, the next year that wewehave an idea which may not be practical or it may be, for “geographic separation of the races, within either this country or on an extra-continental basis.” Duke: At one point I talked about the possibility of that. I didn’t specifically advocate that. I’m not advocating that today, and I don’t advocate that. The Wilmot Robertson article in particular was a guest article, and we run all kinds of things in the publications, and that did not reflect the editorial position of the NAAWP, or mine. And by the way, that article was pretty much tongue-in-cheek, anyway. Dugger: Oh, was it? Duke: It’s very satirical. Talked about Manhattan becoming New Israel. What it was was an intellectual exercise to prod the thinking in the mind, not to seriously advocate those things. 28 JANUARY 17 & 31, 1992