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Hitler. There’s a lot of unfortunate and terrible things that are going to happen in this country, I’m afraid. I’m sorry to see it. I give the Jews responsibility for that. 5 And I know, that if we don’t succeed, there will be an even worse reality on this planet. Fields: If the white race dies out then the Jew is going to die, the Nigger is going to. die. They’re all going to go. Without the white race, you don’t have civilization. Duke: The Third World right now is in a terrible shape, and they try to blame us for it. But the truth is, without the presence of the white world, the Third World would be massive plagues, disease, mass murders… Fields: It would be nice if they could invent a disease that would be deadly only to the mud races and the Jews. Duke: Well, they have diseases… Rich: Talk to Ed Fields 6 about that one. Fields: Drop a vial somewhere and watch it happen.’ Rich: He.has an article on that. What is it? “Ten Peculiar Jew Diseases”? Duke: Well, the Jews have developed a disease and given it to us already. It’s called race mixing, and they’re being quite successful. Fields: I saw it downstairs [in the motel] last night. We were talking about those white bitches and Niggers. Duke \(referring to a remark Ed Fields made the night before about it not being so bad when it was white men There’s no difference. There’s no difference with disease You know, beautiful men and women of our race, casting away their genetic inheritance which stretches back perhaps half-a-million years. Rich: You know, we’re really going to have to cut this short. Duke at Klan rally, 1970s. crosses. They went to their deaths, but they never gave up. It’s like a faith. It’s not just politics. It’s a religion Well, I try to avoid it You have to feel it in your soul I wheedle out of it because I’m a pragmatist. [After a few more remarks are exchanged, Fields suddenly introduces a new subject.] Fields: I would have made a good inquisitor in the Middle Ages. I’m kind of dogmatic. Rich: What, thumb screws? Fields: Yeah, go after the heretics. Would have enjoyed that. Duke: Well…I don’t think I would have. That’s just the difference that makes the world go ’round. But apparently, our side might need a few of these if we’re gonna survive. We’re going to need a lot of fighters. We’re going to need a lot of people that are very tough. Fields: I’m so impatient. I can’t wait for something to happen. Duke: It’s like you’re out in the jungle and there’s this magnificent Bengal tiger, which I think is the greatest, brave, beautiful creation of naturemagnificent machinepower, beauty, intelligence. And the thing’s about ready to jump you. Well, it’s unfortunate, but you’ve got to pull out your shotgun and do him in, or he’s going to do you in when the time comeslike ‘David McCaulden was a British neofascist and founder of the racist British National Party. He came to the U.S. and became director of Willis Carto’s McCaulden recently died. =Willis Carto, whom Duke is here defending, is the central figure in the Liberty Lobby and its 100,000-circulation Spotlight. He founded IHR. He has been a member, since its inception in 1984, of the national executive committee of the far-right Populist Party, whose candidate for President in 1988 was David Duke. In 1988 ADL described Carto as “probably the most influential professional anti-Semite in the United States today.” \(ADL, 3″The Madagascar project was a Nazi plan to relocate Jews on parts of that island under SS and police rule. It did not materialize. See, e.g., Hilberg, The Destruction, Vol. II, pp. 396-7. ‘Metzger was Duke’s man in charge of the California branch of the Knights of the Ku Klux has had meetings with Louis Farrakhan and sees his WAR as “left-of-center with a racial concept … We’re getting people who used to be SDS.” Ridgeway, Blood, pp. 24, 170-2, 175.. `Hitler in advance blamed the Jews for their own extermination. Addressing the Reichstag in January 1939, Hitler prophesied: “If international-finance Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed once more in plunging nations into another world war, the consequence will not be the Bolshevization of the earth and thereby the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.” In 1942, restating his earlier prophesy, he said “it would not be the Aryan peoples which would be exterminated, but Jewry.” Hilberg, The Destruction, Vol. II, pp. 393, 407. ‘Ed Fields was the leader of the National States Rights Party of the late 1950s, which Ridgeway describes as racist and paramilitary. Ridgeway, Blood, p. 64. ‘Hilberg describes the process in the gas chamber at Auschwitz: “An SS man, wearing a gas mask fitted with a special filter, lifted the glass shutter over the lattice and emptied one can [of the Zyklon B] after another into the gas chamber … As the first pellets sublimated on the floor of the chamber the victims began to scream. To escape from the rising gas, the stronger knocked down the weaker, stepping on prostrate victims in order to prolong their own lives by reaching gas-free layers of air. The agony lasted for about two minutes….Within 15 cit., Vol. III, p. 975. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19