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Duke: ….But the right-wingers, what they do is, when they break off, they want to steal your mailing list….That’s one reason I left the Klan, ’cause ofthe Klan is just riddledthere’s no essential organization, ’cause anyone can start a Ku Klux Klan. Would you join the Klan? Fields: Sure, I love the Klan. I love the Nazi party better though. There’s something about the swastika and the brown shirt that I just like better. Rich: Tell me why… Fields: Well, I told you how I feel about Hitler. To me he was the ultimate. There was no other person in history who came as close as he did to finally getting rid of the influence of the Jew over the white man. And if it wasn’t for our intervention, he would have done it. Duke: What did Hitler want to do with the Jews? Fields: I think he ‘wanted to break their influence…and he had a thing going with Madagascar.’ He wanted to… Duke: He wanted to, I think he wanted to resettle them. Fields: Yeah. Of course, they actually do deserve…\(Duke seriously, they actually do deserve everything they get. And if it was extermination, they would have deserved it. Rich: Well, David, what do you think? Duke: I think, ummmm…. Fields: They’re a pest. You know, when your house is rotting, you have termites, you get rid of the pests. Duke: Well, as I saypeople generally deserve what, they push on other people. I think they’re trying to exterminate our race. I think probably in a moral sense, the Jewish people have been a blight. I mean as a whole, not every Jew. And, they probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history,. But, saying that and actually shooting or killing people in masses are two different things. I’m not advocating some sort of extermination. I think the best thing is to resettle them some place where they can’t exploit others. And I don’t think they can live among themselves. I really don’t. I think their numbers will dwindle rapidly and they’ll have a great deal of problems. Fields: A parasite can’t live unless it’s attached to a host. Duke: And also, the answer to all these things, I don’t think, is forced anythingforcing the Jews to get out. You know what the answer is? It’s developing a higher consciousness of racialism among our people. Because you see, we are the majority, and we do create the great aspects of Western Civilization which both they enjoy and we enjoy, and if we ever developed a third of the racial consciousness and unity, solidarity that they have, there’d be no way they could challenge us in media, arts, anything. I mean, after all, we can certainly write TV scripts every bit as good as the Jews. I mean, look at the history of English literature. They run it now. It’s bullshit. Fields: Well, you know, our race is sick. Duke: That’s what Tom says, Tom Metzger [leader of the White Aryan Resistance1, 4 and I think he’s rightwe’ve all said that. Our race Because even Hitlereveryone’s always understood that the best were corrupt kings and nobilityno question. But look at the great flowering of Western Civilization, and that was almost exclusively autocratic…. Rich: Joe, what do you feel about a form of government?… Fields: I really think we need a National Socialist government. If not we probably couldn’t have the same thing that Hitler did, ’cause his thing was tailor-made for the German people. We’d have to have a National Socialism that was made for the Americans, ’cause we have a different history. We have a different way of life. We always have. We’re not German. But we need a government where the threat of the Jew wheedling his way in again would be taken care of. Because, where you have a democracy, where anything that can call itself human can vote, then you always have the possibility of the shit getting in again. Duke: But do you believe in a republican form of government, or a dictatorship? Fields: An authoritarian republic type. Duke: Kind of like what the founding fathers envisionedHamilton? You’re not a little government advocateyou’re big government for the race. Fields: ….Big government for the white man, ’cause individual freedom’s fine but… Duke: Well, that’s very similar to Tom Metzger. Fields: Yeah, yeah. I really think Hitler had all the answers. I don’t think there’s anyone other than him… Duke: Don’t I make a good interviewer? Rich: Shut up, David…. Duke [to Fields]: I hate to be Machiavellian, but I would suggest that you don’t really talk much about National Socialism on not counting this interviewbut in the future, publicly, too much. You need to leave your options open. Rich Once you get branded as a Nazi, you’re branded. Fields: Yeah, but the thing is, I mean, they call you a Nazi right? Duke: Yes. Fields: They call eveveryone’s a Nazi who doesn’t go along with the Jewish line. Duke: But there’s a difference. Fields: So why not say, ‘All right I am. What are you going to do about it Jew?”‘ Duke: Well, there really is a difference. Of course, I’m on a different tactic. I’m trying to bring new people in, like a drummer. The difference is, if they can call you a Nazi and make it stick tough, really hardit’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt the ability of people to open their minds to what you’re saying. It’s going to hurt your ability to communicate with them. It’s unfortunate it’s like that. Fields: I think that most people aren’t ever going to come over until things get toughwe have a depression, and people start losing their homes. Duke: I think that’s a very defeatist philosophy. Fields: No, I look forward to it happening. Duke: I think it’s defeatist ’cause you have no guarantee of that happening. This governmentit might take decades to bring it down….But here’s the thing: We’ve got the truth. We’ve ‘got absolute truth….If we’ve got truth on our side and we’re the majority that is, white peoplethen if we fail, if we’re failing, it’s something lacking in us. You know, they’ve got cults in this country for every weird philosophy and beliefyou name it. Fields: It doesn’t take that many people though to start something rolling. Hitler started with seven men. Duke: Right, that’s what I’m trying to say to you… Fields: And most people didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Duke: Right! And don’t you think it can happen right now, if we put the right package together? Don’t you think that there are millions of Americans that are alienated and are looking for something, and the truth is the truth, and give ’em something to believe in? Rich: And Guru Duke will come along! Duke: Not necessarily mesomebodymy God! I might have to do it because nobody else might come along to do it. Fields: Well, maybe I wouldn’t go out and say I’m a Nazi, you know, Hitler, National Socialismbut I’d never deny it. I’d never deny it. It’s like a Christianyou know. When Christianity first started they were feeding them to the lions. They still wore their 18 JANUARY 17 & 31, 1992