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I saw our schools declining with forced integration and forced busing, which hurt them. I saw our streets becoming ,seas of crime and disillusion. I was looking for answers, like many young people did in that period. I reject Nazism, -I reject communism, I believe in less government. That’s what I stand for…: Russert: Do you still think that Adolf Hitler is the greatest genius Duke: Listen now Russert : Excuse me. Do you think he’s the greatest genius in the world? Duke: I never said that Russert : Well, you did Duke: I don’t believe that. Listen, I don’t believe that. I think Hitler was a disaster for the western world. Transcript, “Meet the Press,” NBC News, 11/10/91. November: Jews, Become Christians election, Duke charged that ‘America’s fundamentally a Chris tian country’ and that ‘the Jewish people [should] become Christians.'” ADL, “Dukewatch,” p. 12. December: The Christian Europeans “This country is overwhelmingly European descent. It’s overwhelmingly Christian. And if we lose our underpinning, I think we’re going to lose the foundations of America.” Duke, announcing for President, as reported in the New York Times, 12/5/91. Duke Says the Holocaust is ‘a Hoax’ and ‘Didn’t Happen’ 1980: It’s. a .Hoax “In 1980 Duke sent a letter to fellow Klansmen \(addressed ‘Dear perpetrated on Christians by Jews.’ Jason Berry, a New Orleads journalist, in the Washington Post, 5/14/89. 1980: It was the Jews “If the.American people learn that the holocaust is primarily an historical perpetrated on Christians by Jews, perhaps many will begin to use reason in their analysis of the Jewish impact into the mass media and the government.” Duke, in a 1980 letter accompanying The Critsader, the publication of Duke’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, cited in ADL, “Dukewatch,” p. 13. . 1982: 90% from Jews Hustler: Do you really doubt that the Holocaust occurred? Duke: Let’s put it this way. I question whether six million Jews actually died in Nazi death camps. There are two major sources of Holocaust stories. Ono is the Nuremberg war-crimes trial, Which has been shown by all honest’historians to bed farce of justice: Another source is the great body of literature and media works, and at least 90 percent of that material is from biased Jewish sources. Duke’s interview with Hustler magazine, cited in ADL, “Dukewatch,” pp. 13-14. 1985: ‘An absolute lie’ tremendous argument for the fact that extermination didn’t take place…. “Did you ever notice how many survivors they have? Did you ever notice that? Everybodyevery time you turn around, 15,000 survivors meet here, 400 survivors convention there. I mean, did you ever notice? Nazis sure were inefficient weren’t they? Boy, boy, boy!…You almost have no survivors that ever say they saw a gas chamber or saw the workings of a gas chamber….They’ll say these preposterous stories that anybody can check out to be a lie, an absolute shipped them from Holland to Auschwitz to kill them. They can kill them in Holland just as well…. “That’s what’s so funny about the Holocaust…this stuff’s so sloppy….I mean, the whole thing comes down like a house of cards because it’s just bullshit….” Duke to Evelyn Rich, March 1985 1985: ‘…it didn’t. happen’ Duke said further during taped interviews with Evelyn Rich in 1985: “Here’s the situation about the Holocaust…. “Today, I tend to believe that it didn’t happen. And I really am trying to be open-minded about it. I’ve read many books, many more books by the Jews, but I have read the books that contest it, too, and I think there’s a lot of holes in the whole theory….. for disinfection of clothes, to kill lice so Jews wouldn’t die. Every camp had crematoria for people that died. Every major city has crematoria. It takes Jewish Hollywood to make crematoria into, quote, `ovens.’… “I don’t talk about the Holocaust much….If people bring it up I’m very careful with it because it’s a non-productive thing for me….First of all, people wouldn’t believe it. It’s too fantastic….It’s like saying the world’s flat. Everybody knows. It’s a historical fact… “You know they had a soccer field at Auschwitz? They had a swimming pool at Auschwitz. They had an orchestra at Auschwitz. And then you read things in the paper like, well they had a band just to cover it up so people wouldn’t know they were killing people….Lmean that’s the most ridiculous thing in the world! …The band was for the prisoners’ enjoymentpleasure.” Duke to Evelyn Rich, March 1985. 1980s: Many Bodies Don’t Prove It Duke’s biographer Michael Zatarain attributes to him the editorial, “Thoughts on the Holocaust,” in Duke’s NAAWP News, which states in part: “The Holocaust is the rock upon which Israel rests. Chronic Holocaust propaganda was the main justification used in the expropriation of Palestinian land to make way for the Jewish state….So exactly what is the ‘fact of Dachau ‘?….There was very little food and fuel in the camps and…there were accompanying epidemics…. Finding a large number of emaciated, diseased bodies no more proves any deliberate extermination policy than the fact that there were many victims of the Chicago fire proves that the city administration deliberately set the blaze…. “One thing is certain. Every word written about the horrors of the Holocaust speeds money to Israel….” Zatarain, David, pp. 260-261. 1986: Just for De-Licing “In 1986, Duke got a chance to see for himself when he visited the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria with \(a close friend of his, guide, Udell said. ‘David would say, “This could not possibly have been a gas chamber THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15