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1988: His campaign manager For his 1988 campaign for President as a Democrat, “Duke’s choice for campaign manager was Ralph Forbes, who had been an officer in the American Nazi Party from 1959 to 1967….Forbes was also a minister in the Identity religion, which holds that Jews are children of Satan. Duke called Forbes ‘a good Christian minister.’ In 1980 Forbes had told the Jackson Clarion Ledger, “the Nazi Party is doing God’s work.” Bridges, “The Men,” Times-Picayune; 1980 quotation cited in LCARN, “Who’s Who.” 1988: ‘Who Will Be Controlled’ “The ultimate issue is Darwinian…the choice is clear. You and your actions over the next few decades will decide who will propagate and who will not, who will control and who will be controlled.” Duke article, “The Black Population Bomb,” NAAWP News #48, 1988, cited in LCARN, “Resource.” 1988: ‘Zionist PACs’ “Zionist PACs have long ago bought Bush and Dukakis.” Duke, quoted in Zatarain, David, p. 277. 1989-90: Israel ‘a Nazi society’ During 1989-90: Duke told his biographer Zatarain concerning Israel, which he had visited in 1971: “They were building a Nazi society….By looking at the oppression of the Palestinian people in Israel, I saw what blacks had been through back home.” Zatarain, David, p. 168. 1989: Eugenics and Political Power “Duke said the growing rate of illegitimate children among welfare mothers should be stemmed by rewarding those who do not have more babies out of wedlock. ‘If we don’t do that, the demographics will change and the political power of the underclass will increase,’ he said.” Charlie Chapple, Times-Picayune, 12/6/89. Beth Rickey: ‘He’s Not Telling the Truth….He is a Nazi, Posing’ 1989: Hitler…and Mengele teewoman in Louisiana and a co-founder of LCARN, is also a doctoral student in political science at Tulane University. She had many interviews with Duke during 1989. On CNN’s “Special Assignment,” reported by correspondent Art Harris, Rickey said of Duke: “He’s the ultimate con man. He’s not telling the truth. And the truth is that he is a great admirer of National Socialism. He’s a great admirer of Adolf Hitler. And he still believesin the beliefs of racial superioritythat the white Aryans are superior, and that Jews are evil.” After Rickey exposed, in 1989, the fact that Duke was still selling neoNazi literature from his office, Art Harris continued his CNN report, “she says Duke asked her to lunch to try and convert her.” [The transcription of the report continued:] Rickey: One of his favorite topics is the Holocaust, and how it never happened. He also talked about some of his great heroes. Rudolf Hess…Adolf Eichmann…then he said, “And Mengele.” Harris: Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death. The death camp doctor who tortured and murdered children in savage experiments. Rickey: He said he admired his genetic research on twins….I’m sitting in a restaurant with all these people. It looked so normal…and I’m sitting here having a conversation with a Nazi. Duke [in interview] : I’m opposed to Nazism, any totalitarianism, of any kind. Transcription of “Special Assignment” with Art Harris on CNN, 10/16/91. 1989: Sees self as ‘this messiah’ 50 hours on the phone and in person during 1989 as he tried to win her over to his. views. She said his conversation was a passionate diatribe on the primacy of race in culture, what he called ‘the Jewish question,’ and race mixing. In one conversation, he said he rattled on relentlessly for so long that she dozed off for a stretch only to awake with a start to hear him still talking. “‘He’s a racial ideologue of a type that I have yet to encounter in my entire lifetime,’ she said. ‘He is not a George Wallace. He is beyond that. He is truly a type that one would find in the 1930’s in Germany. He sees himself as this Messiah, that he’s going to save the white race.’ Peter Applebome, The New York Times, 11/10/91. 1989: Jews Descend from Satan “Once, Rickey said, Duke delightedly pointed out passages from the Talmud that he believes prove the Satanic qualities of the Jewish people…. He said they were the children of Satan because Eve had a relationship with Satan and produced Cain, whose father was Satan. So the line of the Jews coming down was Satanic. The war against the Jews is the war of good versus evil. That’s what was scary about talking with him.’ “‘He says the chosen people are not the Jews,’ Rickey continued. ‘He says the ten lost tribes of Israel scattered and went to Germany and England; the chosen people are people of Northern European descent. He sees his group as a chosen lot….He would call sometimes and immediately launch into the Jews. It’s like someone in the grip of an obsession. He sat here waving a Bible in my face, showing passages in the Old Testament that Jews were not the chosen people, that there’s been a misinterpretation. “‘He’d kind of shovel his food and lean over real low, and he’s looking [at excerpts from a copy of the Talmud] and he’d say, “Look, Beth, look right here, it says here that Jewish people say it’s okay to molest little boys.”‘ “But when asked about the story, Duke told Gambit it is ‘totally off the. wall. I’ve never said that. That’s totally ridiculous.” Quin Hilyer, “A Biology of Intelligence,” Gambit, 6/19/90, a copy of which is contained in LCARN, “Resource.” 1989/1991: Facelift as a Metaphor In an opinion piece on Duke which she wrote for the Dallas News, Rickey stated: “…David Duke has carefully repackaged himself. He is a Nazi, .posing as a Klansman, posing as a conservative Republican. His plastic surgery is a metaphor for the makeover he has given his racial beliefs. While he looks different, David Duke has not changed. He merely appears more polished. He still believes in the tenets of Aryan superiority, African inferiority, and Zionist conspiracy. He has put a pretty face on his hate, mainstreaming his rhetoric and using carefully chosen code words….However….he openly espoused antiSemitism well into 1990.” Elisabeth A. Rickey, “The Duke Phenomenon,” Dallas News, 11/24/91. Duke, 1990: Jews are a Plague 1989: ‘The Zionist-Jewish Conspiracy’ Writer Lucian K. Truscott IV reported that he was covering Duke during THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13