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ANDERSON COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON SQUARE AUSTIN, TEXAS 78731 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Naine . Street City Zip This is Texas today. A state full of Sunbelt boosters, strident anti-unionists, oil and gas companies, nuclear weapons and power plants, political hucksters, underpaid workers, and toxic wastes, to mention a few. I Ik fl P -…..,_Nt,4″, ite490` M & .il –,., 2. %WNWWRl A’ …….1 ” “Ik –,_ etz tc. -t i .,;:;,/ ‘ wai 1″., S’ ‘WI, . Jral %1 .,g.. ‘ , . .b 14. :.-,,..1/11.A ‘ mr i , miff , z ox: – ..f? ” -4.4k iiir .., IVO -Vtb PA \(AZI r w BUT ‘DO NOT DESPAIR! 154 i TEXAS , server TO SUBSCRIBE: Name Address City State Zip 0 $27 enclosed for a one-year subscription. L Bill me for $27. 307 West 7th, AUSTIN, TX 78701 your teeth, here is the truth about David Duke and never say henceforth you did not know. Our purpose is not political, but educational. We are not here fashioning an ordinary editorial position for or against a presidential candidate; we do not take a position here for or against the election of Duke as President. , Rather, we take the position that when citizens vote they should know what they are voting for. If an American votes for David Duke, he or she is voting to make a racist and anti-Semitic promoter of Nazism President of the United States. Any citizen has a legal right to cast such a vote. But every citizen who either casts or opposes such a vote should know what it is and means, about Duke, the voter for Duke, and the future of the United States. One practical issue which Duke’s candidacy poses is, How should we regard his supporters? On that troubling moral and political question, please see Associate Editor Jim Cullen’s column at page 34. Each person must and will bear his or her own civic and human responsibility. Beyond that, remember, too, that the public, and with them the media, have been inoculated against moral vigilance by the poundings of Reaganism against the poor for eight years and the Bush/Atwater strategy of inflaming white prejudice to get white votes while piously deploring racism. This country is now plagued not only by vacuums in economic and public policy, but also by a moral vacuum. Scrubbed clean of values and empathy, we are left unable to make moral judgements and willing prey to facile solutions. One of our purposes in producing this special issue is to give citizens something appropriate to do concerning Duke’s real or prospective supporters in Texas and in the many other states, where he is now a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. If you agree with our conclusion on the weight of David Duke’s whole record herein: that he is what we have said he is, and if, say, you know or come to know a supporter of David Duke, we suggest that you simply lend that supporteror give him or her a copy ofthis documented record on Duke. Then if, after that particular citizen has read this issue, he or she is still supporting David Duke, you and the fellow citizens you advise may, if you and they wish, fairly conclude that that particular, now well-informed fellow citizen of yours is knowingly , supporting the election of a Nazi President of the United States.. Never will such a Duke supporter be able to say, to you or to historyas citizens of the Third Reich have said and do say to their children and are still saying to all of history”We didn’t know.” To our colleagues in the pressreporters, columnists, and editorial writerswe commend to your attention reporter Lanny Keller’s article at page 43, “How to Cover the Dukester,” and we would add this. Last November, after losing the race for gov emor of Louisiana, Duke agreed that his past had hurt him in the voting, but, speaking from the ballroom of the Quality Inn in New Orleans, he said confidently, “As time goes on, my past will become just thatmy past.” That is David Duke’s contemptuous challenge to the intelligence and integrity of the American press corps. The issue of his candidacy for President is presented to us not by his past, but by the fact that his past is his present. He is is an anti -Semite now. He is a racist now. He promotes a Nazi vision of America now. Any journalist is anybody’s fool for anything who lets Duke run for President as a Reagan/Bush-style Republican conservative. Duke must be questioned and questioned and questioned, again and again and again, in every forum, before and after every speech, during every press conference, on each and any and every aspect of his “past” which on hiS own record is his very present. He is smart, he is quick, he ducks the few tough questions he has been asked by evading them or professing reformation and going on to say, “But that is not the issue, the issue is…,” flowing on into his malevolently “coded” formulations of legitimate conventional political issues. Already in confrontations on national TV and in other situations he has outwitted and outwilled many of the most prominent journalists in the country, and as he “wins” against more and more of them he will just laugh and go right on up. Now if ever now is the time for both the American press and the American public to confront David Duke as what he is, a racist antiSemitic Hitlerian ideologue who has risen up among us from the slaughterpits and gas chambers of Nazi Europe. Fail this duty now, colleagues and fellow citizens, and you fail the human race itself 50 short years since Adolf Hitler and his Nazis made war on Europe and branded with stars and triangles, arrested, beat up and shot down on city streets and forced marches, shot down in open pits and set fire to, locked away in barbed-wire concentration camps, bashed to death, crammed into closed vans and there asphyxiated, starved and worked to death, scientifically tortured, and methodically intentionally gassed to death eleven million children women and men including five million one hundred thousand Jews. 4 JANUARY 17 & 31, 1992 w** ,—-,