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4111111111111V BOOKS AND THE CULTURE Ain’t Got No Name 516 x A II per 307 W. 7th St. Austin, TX 78701 AUGUST 23, 1991 VOLUME 83, No. 16 DEPARTMENTS Portfolio 2 Books and the Culture Ain’t Got No Name By Jorge Antonio Renaud Sandra Cisneros Interview By Pat LittleDog Woman Hollering Creek By Pat LittleDog Feminism Without Feminism By Kathy Mitchell and Purnima Bose 8 Border Tales Ellen Hosmer 10 Lesbian Novels By Kim Emery 11 Ecofeminism By Joanne Pai’letich 12 Biosphere Politics By Jacqueline Thomas 13 White Elephant By Joe Feagin 15 Invisible Hand By Christopher Ctcrrin 17 Exercise of Conscience By Bullitt Lowrey 19 Embarcadero del Sur By Julio Ortega/James Hoggard 20 Afterword Yahoos Invade Washington By James McCarty Yeager 23 Corer illustration by Sean French 3 4 6 POETRY BY JORGE ANTONIO RENAUD These poems are excerpted from Jorge Antonio Renaud’s first book of poems, Ain’t Got No Name, which will appear in the fall. ain’t got no name i ain’t got no name no more, usually just hey you look out come here asshole bring your thieving little scummy wetback greasy meskin hands over heah. and the everlasting boy. ain’t no fucking boy. whoop for the troops the sound of war isn’t the sound of death anymore, the screams eclipsed by the dreams fulfilled for bombs no longer dumb, by the popular hum of a fervor of a patriotic hue, by the stealth and the wealth of the few who insist on these televised whoops for the troops. it’s the sound of the bells and the yells of victory and the scratching pens rewriting history in an ink red, white and blue. it’s the lure of the fury that will not fade and the pats on the back and the flap and the flutter of flags unfurled over lives ignored in the gutters as guilt parades on by, and it’s the sound of men with one, two, three and four stars on their lapels arap, rap, rapping that war is hell as they go on tap, tap, tapping their feet to the beat as we march on the skulls lying bone to yellowed bone on the sifting sands of iraq. i want you looking for a few good men seeing as how most of the ones we had left pieces scattered from iwo jima to my lai and humpty dumpty and all the va’s men couldn’t put back the pieces when disability died and . agent orange turned things a bit black for all the boys that found out it’s not just a job it’s an adventure when the gun buyers propaganda fliers patriotic fires and silver tongued liars talk you into being an you can be which is sometimes somewhat free but most times pretty damn dead. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3