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LYNNE DOBSON / COURTESY AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN POLITICALLY CORRECT ON CAMPUS pages 3 & 6 A JOURNAL OF FREE VOICES MAY 31, 1991 $1.50 Betting the Ranch Austin real estate king Gary Bradley’s Circle C Ranch is in big trouble. But he has friends in the Legislature and the Governor’s Mansion who may bail him out. BY JENNIFER WONG AUS TIN DEVELOPER Gary Bradley can be criticized for many things, but thinking small isn’t one of them. When he began building on the 4,000-acre Circle C Ranch in the early 1980s, it was considered one of the largest and most ambitious real estate projects ever undertaken in Central Texas. Now that Circle C has become one of the largest real estate debacles in the capitol city’s history, Bradley is looking to powerful people to get him out of the mess he finds himself in. To prevent foreclosure on his project, Bradley has asked state legislators to modify the law in ways that could set the banking industry on its ear. Texas Bank ers Association president Bob Harris denigrated Bradley’s proposal as “one of the most special-interest oriented pieces of legislation we’ve dealt with in several sessions.” Harris told legislators that the bill, known as House Bill 2192 or Senate Bill 1211, would compound the cost of See Bradley page 10