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Peace and Economic Justice After the Middle East War A Strategic Planning Conference for Analysis Evaluation Action April 27-28 Including a rare public appearance by Philip Agee in Austin co-sponsored by Campaign for Global Security and the Texas Observer ENDORSED BY: ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTIONBEAUMONT AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTIONTEXAS BASIN PEACE & JUSTICEMIDLAND BEYOND WARFT. WORTH BRIER COUNTY PSYCHOLOGISTS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CAMINO ALAPAZ CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL SECURITYTEXAS CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYSAN MARCUS CATI4OLLC WORKERS HOUSE CENTER FOR PEACE THROUGH CULTURE CHICANOS AGAINST MILITARY INTERVENTION IN LATIN AMERICA COALITION TO FREE CLARENCE BRANDLEY DALLAS PEACE CENTER EL SOL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE ESPERANZA PEACE AND JUSTICE CENTER FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION FOUNDATION FOR A COMPASSIONATE SOCIETY GREENS GRAY PANTHERS MARYKNOLL MISSIONARY NATIONAL BLACK UNITED FRONTHOUSTON NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILDSAN ANTONIO PEACE FARM PEOPLE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICEBEAUMONT PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYAUSTIN PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYDALLAS RED RIVER PEACE NETWORK REFUGEE AID PROJECT SAN ANTONIO COALITION FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST SAN ANTIONIO STUDENT COALITION FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST SAN MARCOS PEACE & JUSTICE PEOPLE TEXAS ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTION TEXAS CITIZEN ACTION THE MENNONITES THE TEXAS OBSERVER VETERANS FOR PEACE VIET NAM VETERANS AGAINST WAR VOICE FOR ANIMALS WACO ALLIANCE FOR PEACE & JUSTICE “Philip Agee was not only morally entitled to expose the CIA, he had a legal duty to do so under the Nuremberg Principles.” Sean MacBride, Founder of Amnesty International, winner of the Nobel and Lenin Peace Prizes, 1977. Philip Arc After publication of Inside the Company, Philip Agee traveled constantly in Western Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean, working with scholars, researchers, and journalists to expose CIA covert operations and agents. As a result, he was under constant attack from the U.S. government and mainstream media for “damage to the national security.” These attacks resulted in the expulsion of Agee from five NATO countries, in two of which he had tried to resettle, and then in the revocation of his U.S. passport in 1979 by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. In early 1987, he applied for return of his U.S. passport. Six months later, Secretary of State George Shultz denied Agee’s application, alleging that Agee’s activities “are continuing to cause serious damage to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.” It is important to note that Philip Agee has never been accused of any crime. No CIA officer or agent has ever been the object of attack or physical violence as a result of Agee’s exposures. Ills purpose, according to his writings, is to limit the CIA’s ability to undermine democratic institutions and to promote political repression such as torture and murder by “death squads.” Our Lady’s Catholic Parish 1320 East 51st Street Saturday, April 27 8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. an evening with Philip Agee 8:00 p.m. Planning for Action Jim’s Restaurant Hwy. 183 & 1-35 Sunday, April 28 10:30 a.m. 2 p.m. Peace and Economic Justice After the Middle East Warconference sponsored by Campaign for Global Security A THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17