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SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR POPULIST ALLIANCE MEETS IN AUSTIN The first statewide meeting of the Texas Populist Alliance will be held September 8-9 at the Howard Johnson Plaza South Hotel. Billed as a “family meeting around the kitchen table,” the alliance meeting will bring together political activists, smallbusiness owners, consumer advocates, environmentalists, and grassroots organizers from around the state. Others scheduled to attend are: Rolling Stone national affairs editor William Greider, Lawrence Goodwyn, author of Democratic Promise; Congressmen John Bryant and Craig Washington; Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower; State Representatives Juan Hinojosa and Ernestine Glossbrenner; Andy Hernandez of the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project; Texas AFLCIO President Joe Gunn; and Democratic National Committeewoman Billie Carr. Pre-registration is suggested. For more inCOMMON CAUSE Common Cause/Texas will hold its second annual Uncommon Event on Thursday, September 6, at the American Legion Mansion in Austin. Tickets are $15 per person or two for $25. The event includes food, drink, music, a silent auction, and conversation with uncommonly dedicated folks who spend much of their time working to make government work for the rest 474-2374. HIGHTOWER PARTY A Jim Hightower back-to-the-ranch fundraiser is scheduled for September 8 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the L-Bar Ranch, near Austin. Hightower look-alike Robert Redford will be joined by all the statewide candidates on the Democratic ticket at an event which after three years has become something of a traditional family gathering for progressives, populists, liberals, and even an occasional political moderate. Children are welcome to attend and probably would show up if they weren’t. Tish Hinojosa, Gary P. Nunn, and Ruben Ramos will provide music. Someone will provide food and drink, and almost everyone will be there. Tickets for adults are $25, but this is an event at which you get a bang for your buck. Tickets also available at the gate of the ranch, located on Highway 71 between Austin and Bastrop. For informaOBSERVANCES August 31, 1965 Congress declares it a crime to destroy draft cards. September 3, 1783 Peace treaty signed by United States and Britain, ending Revolutionary War. September 4, 1978 Members of the War Resistors League demonstrated against nuclear weapons and power in Red Square and on the White House lawn simultaneously. September 5, 1877 Indigenous American leader Crazy Horse assassinated while in custody. September 6, 1961 Bob Dylan played his first gig \(in Greenwich Village, New September 7, 1968 Coalition of women’s groups disrupts Miss America Pageant, first mass demonstration in modern women’s movement. September 8, 1965 United Farm Workers’ grape strike begins in Delano, California. September 9, 1910 Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein became lifelong housemates. CENTRAL AMERICAN PEACE GROUP IN DALLAS The Interreligious Task Force on Central America will meet at 6 p.m. on September 6 at the Catholic Chancery Office in Dal DALLAS UPDATE ON SALVADORAN KILLINGS “Nine Months and Millidn Dollars Later,” will be presented by Joe Berra, S.J., on September 9 at 7 p.m. at the Jesuit Lecture Hall, 12345 Inwood Rd., in Dallas. Father Berra is the liaison between the North American and Central American Jesuit communities overseeing the investigation. The event is sponsored by the Dallas Interreligious Task Force and the Maryknoll Education Office. For informaPEACEFUL GARAGE SALE The Dallas Peace Center will hold a garage sale on September 22. For information, to volunteer help, or to arrange to donate gaCOASTAL CLEANUP The Fifth Annual Coastal Cleanup is scheduled for 9 a.m to 12 p.m., September 22 at charge of your favorite stretch of Gulf beach can be contacted through the Center 0206. Or call, toll-free, 1-800-85:BEACH. Their mailout but not this page was printed on recycled paper. ENVIRONMENTAL CONVENTION IN HOUSTON A Grassroots Environmental Convention is scheduled for October 19-21 in Houston. The gathering, sponsored by a number of environmental groups, begins with the idea that the average citizen must become involved in the fight to clean up the environment. The convention, organized by a number of individuals and organizations who through years of lobbying, litigation, and grassroots work, have made a difference in the quality of the environment in Texas, will be an opportunity for fellowship, learning, and planning for action. Registration on Friday night will be followed by skills and information workshops on Saturday and Sunday. A social event and even a dance are scheduled for Saturday night. All of which seems like more than one should ask for the $40 registration fee. There are not many better ways to dispose of your discretionary in0408 or 426-4606. MODERN MEXICAN ART An exhibition entitled “Through the Path of Echoes: Contemporary Art in Mexico” is scheduled for the Huntington Art Gallery in Austin from August 30 through October 21. Speaking events will include: Issues in Mexican Painting of the 1980s, on September 12 at noon; Connecciones: Pasado, Presente, Futuro, on September 30 at 2 p.m.; Post Modern/Post Mexican: Critical Issues in Mexican Art of the 1980s; October 9, 9 a.m-4 p.m symposium, and Winds of Change in Mexico? on October 17, at noon. For more information, call TM MAHAL IN AUSTIN Legendary blues musician Taj Mahal will perform a benefit concert on August 30 at Liberty Lunch in Austin. Proceeds will go the fund to re-elect Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower. For more informaTHE TEXAS OBSERVER 19