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THE server Available at the following locations: Bookstop 1400 N. 1-35 Austin Old World Bakery 814 W. 12th Street Austin Garner & Smith Books 2116 Guadalupe AuStin Guild Books 2456 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago, Illinois Crossroads Market 3930 Cedar Springs Dallas The Stoneleigh P 2926 Maple Avenue Dallas FW Books and Video 400 Main, at Sundance Square Fort Worth Brazos Bookstore 2314 Bissonett Houston Guy’s News Stand 3700 Main Street Houston much of what I would like to see the attorney general start doing. That conflict and that disagreement is not necessarily negative. The point is, we can count on you as being an advocate for the consumer in this particular office? No question about that. Didn’t you once describe yourself as a pro-business legislator? I really don’t think so, Allan. If so, it may have been a mis-characterization from one of my friends, one of my friends in the media, one of my friends in politics, but I certainly would have specific recall with regard as to whether or not I ever described myself as a liberal Republican. No. Pro-business. OK. Well both. I don’t think my interests have been adverse. I don’t think anybody’s interests are well-served by going after the business community, by seeking to be an antagonist to their interests. The business community benefits by having a clean and a quality environment. In the long run, they benefit. In the long run, they benefit from exploration of manufacturing techniques and options which will ultimately produce smaller and quantifiable amounts of toxic wastes other than paying to clean up larger amounts. In the long run, it is cheaper to pursue a preventive-based strategy. There is a commonality of interests between public concerns and, let’s say, concerns environmental groups would have and the long-term interests of the business community. I think the attorney general and officeholders at the statewide level in particular have the opportunity to articulate some of those concerns and to find consensus where it exists. And where consensus cannot exist to make sure that he or she is on the right side of the issues. And that’s the reason the record is important. 0 continued from page 2 elected to the Supreme Court, Judge Gammage will be in a position to vote to overturn precedents such as these. In 1987, Jim Harrington and others sought to overturn an injunction limiting free speech activities at an abortion clinic. Judge Gammage’s main opponent in the Democratic Primary wrote the Houston Court of Appeal’s opinion rejecting the ACLU’s position, adopting a pinched.view of free speech rights under the Texas Constitution based on the dubious concept of “limited public use” property. The same decision affirmed an assessment of court costs against the plaintiffs citing the “abuse of discretion” standard. Bob Gammage has championed progressive causes in public life since his “Dirty Thirty” days in the Texas House of Representatives. His judicial career is marked by well-reasoned decisions which by and large have favored working people. His reading of the Texas Constitution is expansive, as evidenced by his dissent in the Edgewood school finance case. He is the only candidate in the Democratic Primary who can guarantee that Justice Ray’s successor on the Supreme Court of Texas will be a Democrat. Brownsville Praise For Leland There is yet another Mickey Leland that the environmental community in Houston would like the Observer and its readers to know. That is the Mickey Leland that cared about, not just what happened to his constituents in their social environment, but also cared for the natural environment as well. Mickey’s voting scores on major envi ronmental issues, as published by the League of Conservation Voters, were consistently the highest in the Texas Congressional Delegation with scores in the 70-80% range. The last big environmental issue Mickey was working on before his death was an amendment to the Federal Clean Air Act to clean-up the toxic air pollutants that so pervade his hometown of Houston as well as other cities across the United States. When environmentalists in Houston thought Mickey was wavering from his commitment on clean air and went to visit him, Mickey and his able health issues aid, Katherine Jett, reassured us that when the votes came he would do what was right: and he did. The Houston environmental community now feels a pang of guilt for not having tried harder to stay in contact with Mickey over the years. It was only in the last two years that we relearned the value of the old adage, “Don’t take anyone for granted; especially old friends.” We miss Mickey and are fortunate indeed to have such an able successor as Craig Washington to take up the leadership role for clean air and the environment that Mickey had assumed. You can bet we won’t make the same mistake twice and will stay in touch with Craig. Mickey will be watching and certainly will approve. Brandt Mannchen Conservation Committee Sierra Club, Houston Dislike of Bush Congratulations on your Mickey Leland memorial issue. Further congratulations for having despised George Bush as long as I have. Martin Shockley Denton DIALOGUE THE TEXAS OBSERVER 11