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Phil Gramm: the Teamsters’ Candidate FILE PHOTO a friend of labor, Stone said that Gramm was largely responsible for bringing the supercollider to Texas. And that the Teamsters had been supporting Gramm for a long time. “We have been friends with Senator Gramm since he was a Democratic Congressman, before he changed parties,” Stone said. He added that Gramm will always talk to his constituents. “If you call him and he’s not in, he will always return your call.” complete personal and business insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY 808-A East 46th P.O. Box 4666, Austin 78765 FUTUM COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Data Processing Typesetting Printing Mailing 512-389-1500 FAX 512-389-0867 3019 Alvin DeVane, Suite 500 Austin, Texas 78741 suggest that he had been misquoted by Midland Reporter-Telegram business/oil writer Julie Jerome. Jerome quoted Mosbacher, the featured speaker the annual meeting of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association in November of 1989: ” ‘I believe we can make peace with the environmentalists. As an industry we have plenty to be proud of what we’ve done in terms of protecting the environment. The saddest thing about the Valdez \(oil spill in enthusiasm for oil spill legislation.’ “Mosbacher urged Congress to march forward with federal leasing of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.” How did Mosbacher explain his entre nous discussion with West-Texas oilmen? He told the activists assembled in Austin that what he really meant in Midland was that he did not want Congress to rush into oil-spill legislation without careful thought about what needed to be done. Mosbacher is the President of Houston-based Mosbacher Energy, an independent oil exploration company. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Texas Department of Human Services. vf AT THE SAME two-day conference on consumer and environmental issues, Dan Morales was also caught in an attempt to doctor the record. Morales circulated a “legislative report card” issued by a consortium of public-interest groups that follow the Legislature. But in reproducing the material for distribution at the conference, someone on the Morales campaign staff deleted Rep. Morales’s grade on consumer issues. The grade was a “C”. Despite the protestations of a Morales aide, who claimed that the material belonged to the campaign and therefore was theirs to alter, conference moderator Dan Harrison announced to the assembly that Morales had tampered with the record and that the consumer vote omitted was a “C”. //1 ALISON LELAND, the widow of late Houston Congressman Mickey Leland, gave birth at an Atlanta hospital on January 14 to twin boys. Mrs. Leland was about six weeks pregnant when the her husband was killed on August 7 in a plane crash in Ethiopia. Mrs. Leland was in Atlanta to accept, on behalf of her late husband, a Salute to Greatness award from The King Center. //i TWO RECENT studies gave Texas poor marks for care provided to pregnant women and poor children. Nearly one in four children in the state lives in poverty and one in three pregnant women receives no early prenatal care; only the poorest residents qualify for some government help. A study conducted by the Children’s Defense Fund and the Washington-based Center for the Study of Social Policy ranked Texas 39th among states in childhood poverty. The Center found that 34.2 percent of Texas women do not receive prenatal care in the first three months of pregnancy, a grim predictor of future infant mortality. //i THE TEAMSTERS might have come home to and been bailed out by the AFL-CIO but that doesn’t stop them from going their own way on endorsement of political candidates. One of those candidates will be Republican Senator Phil Gramm. Texas Conference of Teamsters President T.C. Stone told the Observer that the union will endorse Gramm. “We’re an independent organization and we make our own endorsements. We endorse some Republicans and some Democrats,” Stone said. Asked how Gramm could be considered THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17