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Any current subscriber who fords the price a burden should say so at renewal time; no one need forgo reading the Observer simply because of the cost. 1989, is published biweekly except for a three-week interval Texas Observer Publishing Co., 307 West 7th Street, Austin, paid at Austin, Texas. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE TEXAS OBSERVER, P.O. Box 49019, Austin, Texas 78765 Political Hatchet Job I was astonished to see the Observer stoop to the kind of shrill, one-sided, political hatchet job on Judge Bob Gammage that was contained in your last issue. You should be ashamed of yourselves. First, if you are going to talk about Judge Gammage in the context of his candidacy for the Texas Supreme Court you ought to exercise enough objectivity to say something about his judicial track record. For example, the Observer has been intensely interested in the Edgewood school finance litigation. You have articulately spoken out on the need for school-fmance equality. You expressed dismay when the 3rd Court of Appeals reversed Travis County District Judge Harley Clark’s initial decision declaring the school finance plan unconstitutional. Have you so soon forgotten that Judge Bob Gammage, as a member of the 3rd Court of Appeals, dissented from the majority opinion on that Court. Judge Gammage’s dissent is an eloquent cry for the constitutional right of every school child to equality in Texas. As pleased as the Observer was to see the Texas Supreme Court vindicate Judge Clark and Judge Gammage, one would have thought that Gammage’s stand meant something to you . Secondly, your article really smacked of an underhanded political smear job. I cannot believe that your new associate editor who authored the article, who is not from Texas, independently knew about votes that Bob Gammage cast in Congress 12 years back. Nor can I believe that your associate editor has already gone to the trouble to research the political track records of all Texas Supreme Court candidates to such an extent that he has already reached 12 years back. No, it is obvious that what happened was that a political opponent of Judge Gammage’s planted the story with you. For you to allow yourself to be such a vehicle without even attempting to place the matter in the context of Gammage’s track record as a judge since that time 12 years ago is really not worthy of the Observer’s standards. Thirdly, the Observer has been during the dismal last 10 years of right-wing ascendency a constant voice against the evils of single-issue politics. Does your dislike of single-issue politics go into effect only when you happen to disagree with the positions being advocated. I, too, disagree with those votes Bob Gammage cast in that congressional session 12 years ago. But I strongly support the Judge who had the courage to speak out for the constitutional rights of the children of the Rio Grande Valley to equal education, and I find your ignoring that fact and your stridentcy about 12-year-old votes which Gammage himself has admitted were wrong to be quite irresponsible. David Van Os Austin Mindless Sexism As a pro-choice, female Democrat, I was disgusted by the mindless sexism in Allan Freedman’s article on how the abortion issue will affect next year’s Democratic gubernatorial primary \(Pro-Choice Posturing, For you to imply that Mattox “will have to concede the issue” to Ann Richards simply because she is a woman is absurd. Throughout his 20-year public service career, Mattox has fought to eliminate sexism in our society. And let me remind you that sexism cuts both ways. You go on to say that “The most obvious factor that separates the candidates on the issue is gender.” I must disagree. Loudly. The difference is that Jim Mattox has really done something. As a congressman and state legislator, Mattox cast more than 30 pro-choice votes. As Attorney General, he stopped a Fort Worth anti-abortion clinic from using false advertising to attract pregnant women. He issued a legal opinion that prevented the antiabortion movement from forcing unnecessary and expensive building requirements on abortion clinics. Just this year, Mattox was the only statewide elected official to file a pro-choice brief with the Supreme Court in the Webster case. Ann Richards, on the other hand, has done nothing but talk about the issue. Of course, there are some sexist men who say women are naturally better at that, too. Shawn L. Kramer Austin WRITE DIALOGUE The Observer welcomes letters from our readers. Please keep them short “Dialogue” The Texas Observer 307 West 7th St. Austin, TX 78701 Please send news of upcoming events 307 W. 7th, Austin, Texas, 78701. DIALOGUE 2 DECEMBER 15, 1989