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Contributors of $1,000: Houston Industries PAC; Tx. Gulf Coast Conservation Assn. \(SPORTTx. Funeral Chapter CPA/PAC; Kitty Beard SW STAN SCHLUETER, D-KILLEEN Chair of Calendars, which has jurisdiction over the assignment of bills and resolutions to appropriate calendars. Also a member of the Govt. Organization and Ways and Means Cmtes. \(Note: Schlueter does not accept contributions from PACs, but does accept them from individuals associated with PACs;thus the PACs with which contributors are associated have been included Contributors of $2,000: David Bill Milburn-A; Don Caveness \(Tx. Bankers Assn. /Bankers Leg. League of Tx.James Leggett Contributor of $1,500: Laurie Fenstemaker \(Tx. Gulf Coast Contributors of $1.000: Bill Harrison \(w/ Heard, Goggan, Cartwright \(Tx. Good Govt. FundPerotD; Jack Gullahorn \(Gulf Coast Conservation Assn. Bill Tom Hagan & Dick Cory \(Central Tx. Utilities Electric Co. Tx. Power & Light Gunter Koetter \(Lockwood, AnBailey \(Fund for Effective Govt.HolmesH; Fred Davenport Medford \(First City Bancorp. Thompson \(Brownbuilders PACBlantonH; Joe Ratcliff \(Tx. Scott-A; Bob SuttonGeorgetown; Jay SloanGeorgetown; Grogan LordGeorgetown; Don Harris \(Tx. Assn. of Business Tx. Motor Terry Grabow-A; Ed Small Tx. . KelleyA; Russell Graham \(Ca lame, Linebarger, & Gary Anderson \(Dc. Hospital Assn’, Roy Orr De Soto; Robt. Baldwin, David Armbrust \(Armbrust & \(Energas Co. PAC Burger A; Loretta Patschke \(Tx. Stromberger \(PAC of Independent. Gaylord Amrstrong \(McGinnis, Lockridge & CaBrown, Maroney,’Rose, Barber & DyeBob JohnsonA; Lyle A. Johansen \(Tx. Assn. of Builders PriceTexarkana; Carol L. McDonaldA; Laurie Fensternaker \(Akin,Gump, Strauss, Hauer, & Wales Madden, Jr. \(Mesa Petro. Co. \(Prof. Ins. Agents PAC Thomas Harrison \(Tx. Dentist PAC J. Cruikshank H; Pat CainA; Dr. R. Crants \(21st W.J. Carlisle \(Tx. Bell Employee Tx. AGCJim Atchley \(Transportation Pol. Ed. League Jim Shillingburg fa i .0 What Is the Public Policy Information Fund? The Public Policy Information Fund’s purpose is to provide Texans facts about Congress and the Texas Legislature. PPIF is a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization. It has no affiliation with the Texas Observer. : Board of Directors Chairman: Dean John Gronouski, Dean Emeritus of the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs ” Secretary-Treasurer: Tyrus Fain, the Gerard Companies, Austin Dee Simpson, Texas Political Ditector of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Frank Smith, Attorney, Boston Carol Barger, Attorney, Dallas Andrew Hernandez, President, Southwest Voter Research Institute, San Antonio Staff and Consultants Tyrus Fain, Managing Director Sarah Searcy, Profiles Editor Kate Fain, Public Record Research Company, Consultant Rebecca Lightsey, LighiNcy and Knisely, Consultant p A Public Service Report from the Public Policy information Fund THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21