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THIS SEA OTTER CAN’T FIGHT BACK, BUT YOU CAILBOyCOTT OIL You’ve heard plenty about the millions of dead fish and birds and sea otters in Prince William Sound. You know that the gooey residue of this act of negligence will haunt us for years. You know Exxon has done precious little to clean up the mess. These are the horrors we face today, but what about tomorrow? Once the furor has died down, will Exxon and other corporations have learned from this tragedy? Or will they go back to business as usual? We can make sure that won’t happen by sending them a reminder that’ll hurt in the only place most big corporations have any feelings: Their wallet. The message we want to deliver is this: Environmental responsibility is as important as the quality or price of a company’s products. We want all companies to know that from now on people are going to be considering their environmental reputation when they buy. What can you do? First, make lots of copies of this ad. Take them down to your local stores, schools, offices, churcheswherever people gather. Then, fill out and send the coupon yourself. Above all, register your protest with your steering wheel, by turning away from Exxon gas stations. Hopefully, we’ve all learned a lesson from this catastrophe. Every one of us needs to take personal responsibility for the preservation of this fragile planet. Here’s where we can start. We want to make sure your response is accurately counted. Certainly, Exxon won’t tell us how many coupons they get. Please send them to us and well forward them to Exxon. TO LAWRENCE G. RAWL, Chairman, Exxon Corporation c/o Citizens For Environmental Responsibility 101 Church Street, Suite 6, Los Gatos, CA 95032 Sir: In response to Exxon’s reckless disregard of its obligation to protect the environment of Prince William Sound, Alaska: Enclosed is my Exxon credit card cut in half. I don’t have a credit card, so this is my pledge not to buy Exxon products for at least all of 1989. Signature Address CITIZENS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY We area non-profit group organized to help educate people about corporate environmental responsibility. We have no agenda other than preserving a healthy planet. You can help by freely reproducing or faxing this coupon and making it a huge chain letter. For other ideas on how to help, please call 408-399-0339.