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17.:Iral ‘ RE 151 4 Vs-‘ :.’ , ,,FREE VOICES party but will hew hard to the right as we see it. We truth, to human values of humankind as the we will take orders from and never will we over , to serve the interests of ignoble in the human spirit. their own work, but not themselves written, and in necessarily imply that we is a journal of free voices. 1954 r ift , THE’TEXAS 1401 server . A JOURNAL OF We will serve no group or the truth as we find it and are dedicated to the whole above all interests, to the rights foundation of democracy; none but our own conscience, look or misrepresent the truth the powerful or cater to the Writers are responsible for for anything they have not publishing them we do not agree with them because this SINCE Publisher: Ronnie Dugger Editor: Dave Denison Associate Editor: Louis Dubose Calendar: Elisa Lyles Washington Correspondents: Mary Anne Reilly. Richard Ryan Contributing Writers: Bill Adler. Betty Brink. Warren Burnett. 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P.O. Box 49019. Austin, Texas 78765 Raising Heck I chuckled when I read your “Political Misintelligence” section in your last issue \(TO, not have law practice. Hector Uribe and I are associates in the practice of law and have our main office at 1325 Palm Boulevard in Brownsville, Texas. We share another office in Raymondville in Willacy County. Hector is a hell of a courtroom lawyer and he never shies away from a fight. In fact, he’s in the courtroom more than most lawyers I know. When he’s not in Austin fighting for jobs, education, and better living ‘conditions for our colonia residents, he’s down here practicing law, trying to make a living just like the rest of us. Richard C. Arroyo Brownsville Heck of a Deal When the Valley elected Hector Uribe to the Texas Senate it knew he was willing to dedicate whatever time was necessary to get the job done. We elected a full-time Senator for part-time pay, $600 a month What a deal! Now there’s a state representative who thinks the Valley needs a part-time Senator \(TO, be poor in the Valley but we’re not dumb. We know a good deal when we see it. Robert B. McLeaish McAllen Surprise Move I had no idea that I’d moved. I do spend because that’s where I was elected to serve, but my home is Brownsville. That’s where my “active” law practice is located. That’s where my heart is. I look forward to continuing to serve my home in the State Capitol for a good time to come. Hector Uribe Brownsville Editors’ Response in the item, “Another Valley,” in the Political Intelligence section of the March 10 issue of the Observer, we observed that Brownsville Senator Hector Uribe spends much of his time in Austin. We did not claim that he resides in Austin. The senator’s office informs us that Uribe maintains a residence in Brownsville a claim we do not dispute. We did observe that Uribe’s potential challenger in the Democratic primary, Edinburg Rep. Alex Moreno, maintains an -active law practice in the Valley.” That statement, without mention that Uribe also is actively engaged in the practice of law, seemed to imply that Uribe had no active law practice. We regret the implication. Religious Motives With reference to the.article by Tom McClellan, “Dear Dr. Hayakawa” \(TO, care less about the motive of Dr. Hayakawa, but I suspect that the motive of Mr. McClellan is plainly religious. I for one am strongly in favor of making English the official language in this country, not for my sake simply because I know no other, but for the sake of the children of others who, unless they are taught English as soon as they are able to absorb it, will be forced to go through life with a builtin language handicap because of a built-in permanent accent. If our school system could use the money spenton teaching various other languages, made necessary by the fact that the parents rely solely on the schools to teach English in the bilingual classes, they would have a very sizable financial surplus to better the teaching system throughout. It saddens me to hear nothing but Spanish spoken whenever I see two or more Spanishspeaking people and their children in any public place. The only time they speak English is when it is necessary to converse with a non-Spanish-speaking employee. These people are encouraged to take the easy way out because of the widespread and extremely eXpensive bilingual and other special classes available and leave the education of their children to an already overburdened school system. By doing so they place an avoidable and permanent handicap against their children’s opportunity to succeed in this country. My sister-in-law who was taught Spanish only as a child has three lovely daughters who speak English fluently because she taught thein English along with Spanish from childhood. W. C. Welz Baytown Wrong Department Mr. M. E. Surratt was mistaken in his ,complaints of the Agriculture Department \(“Dialogue,” TO, . Pest Control Board is mandated to protect human health and the environment from Continued on page 22 DIALOGUE 2 MAY 5, 1989