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INTRODUCING: PPIF’S LEGISLATIVE PROFILES PPIF’s Legislative Member Profiles are intended to equip ordinary folks with some of the same background information on Members that Capitol insiders have at their fingertips. Compilation of the profiles is underway, with first priority given to Committee Chairs in the House. Copies are being distributed to libraries and to organizations participating in PPIF’s training program for public interest lobbyists. If you are interested in receiving more information on these profiles, complete the form shown below. Bruce Gibson, continued CAMPAIGN FINANCES \(Note: A=Austin; D=Dallas; FW=Fort Worth; H=Houston 1986: Raised $78,750. Got contributions from 123 PACs. Contributors of $2,500: Allied Bancshares Leadership Funds TX. Acct. tion Pol Ashley Smith, continued Employ BancorT PERSONAL FINANCES-1987 Electric sold at ne sold 1983 \(6 net 1 duced s Co Wes Terra’ Smith, continued 1985 \(6 Pe: ti Legislative Activity and deli $5,0 In a Feb. 20. 1985 interview with Bonnie Skaar George of the Westlake Picayune, Smith outlinec earn agenda as putting priority on the protection of Lake Travis, passing a tougher DWI law, and addressing the prc 1987 \(7 vies crime and overcrowded prisons. Smith carried a bill on wiretapping that outlawed the use of pen registers. Sc selectiot of p to prohibit beverage containers w/ detachable openers. Carried bills relating to DWI. 198 Con Thoi 198 For Con Pa tr 1. Jack Vowel’, continued VOTES ON KEY ISSUES For a complete explanation of the following issues. see the “Issues Summary” included s 1981-67th SESSION 1:2:Increase AFDC Payments Voted nay. 3:Bilingual Education FundingVoted aye on the motion to table. 4:Final passage: Voted aye. Nowell received $3,350 in contributions from lending group! in interest rates. \(Ft. Worth Star-Taegrarn, 5: Stan Schlueter, continued HOUSEHOLDS DEMOGRAPHICS OF DISTRICT 54 Total households: 34,860 by Composition 28.7% One male: ’11 kok, fine fernnle In asked tc suaded G ibs For a cc 198 1: 2:1 3: 4:1 grot 5: 4: pas 19 5: 6: the 7: 8: by Household Income: $ 7,499: $ 7 cnn 1 el QQ0 $151 9.1 n -Icy Information Fund Member Profile 2, 1936. Attended Sam Houston State U.; finished at TCU in ’59. C :e 1970. Speaker of the House since ’83. Member of the House Den tell: executive asst: Daryl Dorcy; special assts: Dale Craymer. Lan -ss relations: Tim Conger; district asst: Joy Arthur. Capitol offc: r OCCUPATION Lewis Label Products, Inc.; Director of Lake Worth Nat’l Bank; owne ctor of Ft. Worth Business Forms, Inc.; president and director of L. ] partner of 287/Blue Mound Joint Venture Partners \(all of these in t For Information Sarah Searcy Complete & Return To: Editor, clo PPIF 1205 Nueces Austin, TX 78701 Name Address City, State, Zip Tel No. \( 14 APRIL 7, 1989