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ADVERTISEMENT The Time to Speak Out is Now! It is not expected that an entire humane agenda be voted out of com mittees, but one or two out of 50 bills released for a floor vote is a terrible miscarriage of a legislator’s right to vote on more humane legislation. Why were these bills not brought to a final vote? Why must this legislative impasse go on year after year? Is it because of insensitivity, ignorance, laziness, callousness, hostile special interests, political cowardness, a bogged-down legislative process? How long should this unconcern and inaction be tolerated? Some say a half pie is better than no pie, but with animal welfare bills there is hardly any pie left. It is rare that these important bills come out of committees. And then there is the problem of inadequate funding for ex isting humane laws. The abuse and suffering of animals is a low priority to many of. our leaders. Now, the Texas Legislature is in session. A mere half dozen humane bills have been submitted to the legislature. Will they be stalled in committees? Will hostile lobbyists take over the legislative pro cess . . . pressuring legislators not to take any positive action on bills presented? Must the will of the majority again be circumvented? To reject animal welfare bills mocks the most sacred humane value the sanctity of all life! Our political leaders must be prodded into being more responsible. It’s time animal welfare advocates started making political demands . . . organizing their efforts into voting power . . . making political careerists accountable. It’s Up to You and Me All of Us! Paid for by Bob and Mary Waite Sobel, 416 E. 18th St., Weslaco, Texas 78759 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13