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ADVERTISEMENT WHEN WILL SUCH HORRORS END? They’ll be in restraining devices. Where will YOU be? The Shocking Report Card of No Action Taken Let it be known that the 100th United States Congress just sat on a bunch of bureaucratic excuses when it allowed the following bills to receive no action. H.R. 241 Amends Animal Welfare Act H.R. 78 Pet Protection Act of 1987 S. 1457 Companion bill to H.R. 778 H.R. 1616 Requires No Duplication of Federal Awards Contracts H.R. 1635 Consumer Products Safe Testing Act of 1987 S. 2814 Companion Bill to H.R. 1635 H.R. 1708 Information Dissemination and Research Accountability Act of 1987 H.R. 1708 Standing to Sue Bill of 1987 H.R. 2883 Provides for Transfer of Silver Springs Monkeys to Animal Sanctuary H.R. 2707 Companion Bill to H.R. 2883 H.R. 3119 Amends Title 35 of U.S. Code S. 2111 Prohibits the Patenting of Genetically Altered Animals H.R. 3233 Non-Agricultural Farm Animal Protection Act of 1987 H.R. 4970 Transgenic Animal Patent Reform Act of 1988 H.R. 4971 Transgenic Animal Regulatory Reform Act of 1988 H.Con.Res 19 Requires Federal Agencies Draize Test Alternatives S. 1354 National Biotechnology Information Act of 1987 S. 2353 Pet Theft of 1988 H.R. 779 Kangaroo Act of 1987 H.R. 2724 Refuge Wildlife Protection Act of 1987 H.R. 2999 Elephant Protection Act of 1987 H.J. Res. 559 Halt to Illegal Killing of Migratory Waterfowl S. Res. 12 National Policy to Protect Scavenging Mammals, Birds H.R. 562 Ocean Dumping Amendment Act of 1987 H.R. 1627 Appropriations for Marine Protection Act of 1972 H. ConRes Urges Moratorium on Killing of Whales H.R. 1481 Public Rangeland Fee Act of 1987 H.R. 1564 Coastal Wetlands Recovery Act of 1987 S. 655 Companion Bill to 1564 H.R. 2621 Public Rangeland Fee Act of 1987 H.R. 3010 Tropical Forest & Wetlands Protection Act of 1987 S. 1538 Companion Bill to H.R. 3010 H.R. 3378 Reintroduction of Wolves to Yellowstone Park H.R. 5278 Endangered Species Protection Act of 1988 S. 398 Federal Pesticide Program Improvement Act of 1987 H.R. 39 Designates Certain Lands in Alaska as Wilderness S. 1804 Companion Bill to H.R. 39 H.R. 1495 Great Smokey Mountain Wilderness Act of 1987 S. 693 Companion Bill to H.R. 1495 S. 252 Establishes San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area H.R. 2859 Veal Calf Protection Act of 1987 H.R. 2920 Federal Meat Inspection Act Amendments of 1987 S. 680 Animal Feed Protection Act of 1987 H.R. 2043 Prohibits Imports of Beef, Veal, Lamb from New Zeland or Australia S. 980 Companion Bill to H.R. 2043 H.Con.Res. Optional Meatless Meals for Federally Funded School Lunches H.J. Res. 287 Regarding Inhumane Treatment of Dogs and Puppies in Puppy Mills H.J. Res. 374 Designates April 1988 as “National Prevent A Litter Month” S.J. Res. 197 Companion Bill to Res. 374 H.Con.Res. 190 Condems Rapid Decompression as Method of Animal Euthansia H.R. 1433 Anti-Live Animal Lure Act of 1987 H.R. 4715 Show-Horse Protection Act of 1988 12 MARCH 24, 1989