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Postmaster: If undeliverable, send Form 3579 to The Texas Observer, P.O. Box 49019, Austin, Texas 78765 34E TEXAS 1 Ronnie Dugger, Publisher Dear friend and former reader, The recent surge of enthusiastic respon ses the Dave from readers, old and new, confirms my impression t issues being addressed these days by Observer editors Denison and Lou Dubose are hitting the mark. And in a style, incdentally, that evokes an occasional wry grin along the way. count on the Observer to cover more t 1–But lob y for social reform, as w We want you to be in on it. I v lue you as a friend we have lost. of us here want to b ed your support e worthy of your concerns and your hopes. And we ne and participation in the months ahead. The order card in this sample issue offers a special rate for old friends: only $19.95 to get reacquainted, and my promise to refund the entire amount if, after a few issues, you aren’t glad you came back. Now please read on to see how you can do even better than that. We can bill you after your subscrip order we’ll send, tion starts, of course, but if you choose to prePay your free, the ENGLISH ONLY poster/map described on the other side of this page. \(Just be sure to recognize your enclose your mailing label, above, with $19.95 to help us Either way, please rejoin today, will you? Thanks and best, P.S. The business staff wants me to remin you that there’s no processing delay, once we the mail hear from you. They’ll handaddress a copy of the curren your order arrives. t issue and get it in to you the day AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701 And now, with the lobbyists at work and the Legislative Session well underway, the Observer’s reports and ‘n and legislating are by no means the only mode all know; and, as always, you can ‘ust that. commentary will be more valuable than ever. 307 \\NEST 7TH ST,