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HOUSTON’S FABULOUS 71416111 MOTOR INN 6700 SOUTH MAIN DISCOUNT $3995 DBL. KIDS FREE 2 & UNDER. IS .ASTICWRLD/WATERSAORLD TICKETS AVAILABLE AT FRONT DESK .ExcELLANT BUFFET AT REPSONABLE PRICES BEAUTIFUL POOL AND GARDEN AREA .CABANA RDOMS AND SUITES .FREE PARKING .RISING TIDES CLUB .MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 713-522-2811 HOUSTON, TEXAS Across From Texas Medical Center 5 Minutes to Astrodome, Astroworld and Watenvorld Rice Stadium Zoo God Course Fat Stock Show The Summit Dick &bogie V.P. aMZ” is the subject of some speculation. The Lubbock Avalanche Journal has the younger Bush cashing in his oil stocks and leaving the Panhandle. Bush, Jr., according to Republican political consultant Karl Rove has sold his Midland oil business and will soon be moving to Dallas where he might begin his pre-candidacy for the gubernatorial race in 1990. It is not entirely clear whether Bush, Jr., will run for governor of Texas or Maine. Political prognosticators are watching carefully to see if the Bush Juniors purchase a home or establish residence by occasional rental of a hotel suite, as have the Vice President and the Second Lady in Houston. //I RAILROAD Commissioner Jim Nugent, who will face Republican challenger Ed Emmett in November, did not meet with OPEC leaders in Vienna as did his appointed Republican commission colleague Kent Hance. But Nugent, too, is going foreign on agency business. Nugent announced plans to travel to Alberta, Canada, in June to meet with oil and gas officials there. Unlike Hance, who thrust himself onto the front pages of state dailies by meeting with OPEC ministers, Nugent will remain in the Western Hemisphere. V JOHN SHARP, the only Railroad Commissioner not up for election this year, has been meeting with national energy experts working on a Michael Dukakis energy policy in Boston. A Dukakis victory in November could mean an appointment for Sharp, who played a key role in the Dukakis Super Tuesday victory in Texas. But should Sharp move to the Federal Department of Energy, Republicans in the state will reap another, well, windfall, as the Gov. will appoint Sharp’s replacement on the Commission. \(This is not to be construed as a pitch to vote for George Bush, describes as the only young Texas politician with Presidential potential out of the way, could we see a Railroad Commission of Nugent, Hance, and Bush, Jr.? Sharp has also been meeting with Massachusetts Congressman Joseph Kennedy to discuss the possibility of selling more Texas natural gas in the Northeast. TCLU LAWYER Jim Harrington says he will be filing suit this summer against the owners of the South Texas Nuclear Project, who prefer to call their nuke “the South Texas Project.” Harrington says the Texas Civil Liberties Union has used the South Texas Project name for their program of legal work since the early 1970s. He claims that they have registered the name with the Secretary of State’s office and that the nuclear plant owners have not. No one has yet dragged Andy Granatelli into the great STP debate. V INNOVATIONS in Journalism Dept.: the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran a daily “Summit Horoscope” while the Reagans were in Moscow. The newspaper assigned a reporter to consult with astrologer Marione Hensley for insight into the summit proceedings. Hensley warned early in the week that “Neptune has been afflicting the U.S. chart,” but when the moon changed the President was able to perform better toward the end. The astrologer foresaw that by the time Reagan left Moscow he would be perceived by the Soviet people as “a very nice, kindly fellow.” But the star-gazer didn’t look upon the President’s doings very kindly. She feared the President was on the verge of giving too much to the Soviets. “The long-term result of this charade is that if future Presidents are as asleep at the wheel as Reagan, we are in mortal danger,” she said. She darkly forecasted that George Bush will be the next President and would continue moving toward economic cooperation with the Soviet Union. “It’s unfortunate that Dukakis won’t be elected,” she was quoted as saying. “If he got in there, this would stop.” Perhaps the signs point toward an “Astrologers for Dukakis” movement. /,0 A GEM of a quote in Peter Applebome’s New York Times profile of community organizer Ernesto Cortes, Jr. . . . In the middle of a favorable account of Cortes’s influence on Texas politics as head of this state’s Industrial Areas Foundation groups, comes an out-of-the-blue right-wing grower and mayor of McAllen. Says Brand of the IAF community groups, “There’s not much question their basic philosophy is basically a communistic philosophy.” He added, “It’s basically a group that claims credit for everything and does nothing.” The May 31 Times profile generally portrayed Cortes as a shrewd political organizer whose groups are pulling Texas toward progressivism. San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros was quoted as saying that the IAF group Citizens Organized for Public Service has “fundamentally altered the moral tone and the political and physical face of San Antonio.” THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17