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The Texas Observer RADIO DEBATE SERIES ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT RESOLVED: The Death Penalty in Texas is a Public Disgrace. Join us on May 23 for. an .evening .of stimulating repartee as GARA’LaMARCHE, Executive Director of the Texas Civil Liberties Union, ..and ARTHUR “CAPPY” EADS, Bell County District Attorney, take opposing views on the death penalty. The debate will be broadcast live from Austin’s Scholz Garten on KLBJ-AM-590. Audience participation encouraged. FREE GIFT Ak e III for a prompt quotation. Em oyee Owned and Managed COMMUNICATIONS INC. AUSTIN. TEXAS 1714 S. Congress 442-7836 Data Processing Typesetting Printing Mailing .,,Betty:,,Because he was: young He _seemed like a go-getter, and .he knew what he was talking about. He reminded me of John F. Kennedy. And that was my man. John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. I wish Teddy would have run, but there again, there it goes, back to Martha’s Vineyard. They nailed him to the cross. So you’re not too thrilled by the choices you have right now? Betty: No, I am not. Dukakis. He reminds me of Onassis. Beady-eyed Greek. And I have a Greek son-in-law, so I ‘should really be out there for Mike: But I’ve got to hold off for Albeit He’s just in reserve right now. What about Mario Cuomo? Betty: Now, there’s a ‘guy’ if they would have brought him in. That’s the man! Have you ever’ voted Republican before? Betty: Yes, I have. Suppose it were Bush versus Jackson? Jim: I’d have to take Jackson. I don’t like nothing about Bush. Look what Reagan bas done with this trading arms for our hostages and giving all’ of this contra aid and letting our people starve to death. And he’s going down in the history books as a great President. Betty: I would not go and vote for George Bush. I wouldn’t even go vote. My daughters say the same. I’m sorry. But you would vote for Jesse ‘Jackson if it were between him and George Bush? Betty: Oh, yes, I would. . Jim: I would have to go that route. Betty: And God only knows what he would do to our country, probably have Qaddafi over here. . . Jim: As his Vice President. Betty: Yes. And who”s that .other one he goes and shakes and hugs? Arafat. You know they all got names about alike. TARPO Listed On The Natibnal Register of Historic Places ‘ “Go gather by the humming sea Some twisted, echo-harboring shell, And to it all thy secrets tell” W. B. Ygats P.O. Bob 8 .Port. Aransas., TX 78373 Advertising gimmick? Yes. But, the truth is you get something free when you come to Futura. Our friendly account representatives are trained to help you through the toughest print job and they’re backed by years of experienced, professional service to the Austin area. At no extra cost to you, they will help you with your next project. Call 442-7836 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5